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I've together been but at my now you for know you know i think oh that gosh i it's eight years almost what nine i years love about and this new along book which is just along the cook way it i've is that cooked it's so different recipes than from magginis i can't even tips count and how many famous if and you non know anything famous about chefs that but series it's all about i've hacks just learned and so much what i wanted to you do know with in kind this job of by playing a so book much cooking that other people's food that you i know wanted to incorporate not only a lot offered of the like no you fuss know the reliable shortcuts reliable but to the not core hacks recipes interested but i wanted parties to show and show people timesaving how home cooking tricks and can shortcuts be that actual easy cooks use and be and really rewarding so and i've how been it can at be my super now for fun all the time you know oh gosh i think it's eight years almost nine years and along along the way i've cooked recipes from i can't even count how many famous and non famous chefs but i've just learned so much you know in this job i've learned so much cooking other people's food that i wanted to incorporate a lot of the you know the shortcuts but not hack interested parties and show people how home cooking can be easy and be really rewarding and how it can be super fun all the time i did that translate that's into a better camera way of putting it you know i mean i was a recipe testarossa recipe tester and developer for food mine testing recipes from chef thomas keller david chang danielle the lewd i mean just you know helping translate their recipes for home cooks and you know way back when many years ago when you know instagram became big and facebook became big and everyone started sharing their you know homecooked meals we kind of decided like let's jump into that world that video world that's a that better social way of putting world it where we can you create know like i mean i anywhere was the recipe from little test to drives two recipe minute tester and videos developer.

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