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From the KFI twenty four hour newsroom. I'm Erin vendor. KFI AM six here. Me out. Bender. We're looking at rain tonight. Rain overnight. See it though. I think they're lying to us. Okay. Take care of everybody. No. You know what? I'll play you the Fritz forecast. All right. Well, you at Fritz said last weekend. Fritz said it's gonna be really a tough Saturday. Right. And he was one hundred percent, right. Nailed it. In fact, that was an understatement. He said it's going to be the worst. Biggest rain story have had in years. And it exactly was that. The wind was whipping and the rain was raining. The puddles were Republican and the jello. Jiggling? But that's an old chick Hern reference for people that are under ninety five year old. What does he doing? What was it? The jello. The eggs are cool and. And butters getting hard and the well hold on. Now, we've got to the eggs were cool and the butter was getting hard bellows. Why why why are going back and forth? What did he say you? Had somebody working with them. Did you hear it when they won? Oh, that's right. When it was put in the refrigerator. Oh, the lights are out. Yeah. Doors closed. Oh, that's right. Okay. Right lights out doors, close the doors close allies throughout the butters, getting hard, the eggs or cooling and the jello Jalen now. But did he ever put a game in the frigerator the came out of the fridge? I heard he had done that really. I heard it was a few times, but very rare so rare. Well bellio. Who's with Lakers heard? It was once casual guy with his new podcast. Charts? So we will debate a bender on. So just real quick looking up. You know, this chick ISM. I cannot believe that term. I cannot believe how many every day basketball terms. He coined let me try to get some of them. Okay. All right. I know some of them with slam dunk. One of them was yes, I was. Yoyoing up and down. Yes. A player dribbles in one place as if he were playing with the string. Let me see. The whole refrigerator thing was his right? No harm. No foul that chick. Yeah, there it is. Fouls. Stitches bustards off. Oh, that's great. What is the mustards off the hot dog? What does that mean when they're showboating in the fall? Right. A lot of times. It'll be like when they tried to do a Nola. A no look pass like magic did. But then the ball goes flying into the crowd instead of to the guy who's intended for yelich when they go to slam dunk, and he hits the base of the rim and flies thirty feet backwards. Right. Do like a three sixty or something like that. And then they trip and it's turnover right? Exactly. But that's that's back when they were wearing those really long shorts. When I used to go like literally almost to their ankles is really bizarre. Right, right. Yeah. That's exactly what they're almost like polo. It's yeah. Right. Yeah. Then they went to the really short shorts. And then they went back. I mean, they went down to like almost like. Opie shorts at one point. Remember, the really short story. John stockton. Sure. That's right. Yeah. Right. So two of the two of the phrases that he coined I didn't realize these two I I knew he did slam dunk. He came up with garbage time. I didn't know that. Yeah. And that's Robin Bertolucci came up with. Well, played to describe the show, and we knew about and triple double. Triple double the triple. Double was not was not as stat. There was left until he called it. Correct. Getting ten or more points are ten or more rebound. Or assists or steals or or points in? In three categories. He coined that. That's incredible. Yeah. That really is an announcer. Love chick chick was the best and Bella worked with them for how long how many years his last two years only two years. Yeah. And that's horrible. Those are good two years though. They were great. Yeah. Those are championship years were did he was he traveling with the team? Then you know, he was still traveling was waiting until he had what was he? Yeah. I think he was eighty one right? Yeah. And he he fell in the summer of two at his home hit his head. Dining. Later in Sinoe. In the offseason in August. I remember somebody at his funeral. Was like way really really emotional. A lot of people were very close. No. I know. Yeah. Look if you're close to me, emotional, I get it. But there was there was a guy at that funeral who was way over the top emotional who probably was eyeball and chicks seat. I hope that wouldn't happen. It did it did mention his name. But yeah, who was it? I remember him. Crying chicks funeral going jigger. Uh-huh. And meanwhile, he's like looking at chick. See like, hey, I wonder how quickly I can start calling these games. What's his name again until they tell us off the air. But it wasn't a good. Look where were you were? You did you went. No, I watch on TV. It was up live on TV. Got it. That was a big funeral. Did you go? Yes. You went. Oh, where's that Bel Air, Brentwood or? Now, I can't remember where it was. I think that it was Brentwood Brentwood to check it was on his Wikipedia. I think it was arrested. Culver city in Culver city. Let me let me see. I know. He was I think had everybody was at that funeral. I think the governor was there everybody that was a big big deal. One second. Here we go. Interred at Holy Cross cemetery in Culver city. But I don't know where that funeral was the service who was the guy that said I'm going to miss him. He was at I have to have to find out. They okay good. All right. Don't look for now. To start raining at one o'clock in the valley. One AM by two AM seventy-five percent chance of rain by three and four AM ninety five percent chance of rain. That's in Burbank. So now, I gotta I gotta look up Irvine because bellio is always jealous of other people's rain. And so I got to find out what Irvine's going to be doing. Oh, yes. Let's see Irvine. You're also gonna get a little bit of sprinkles. But we don't know yet. If it's going to be. Oh, no, no. No. No. No. No. No. Oh, yeah. You're already you were also in the sixty seventy eighty percent, they're gonna get theirs. Oh, wait a minute. What? Tonight ninety five percent chance. Rain in Irvine. Awesome. Tomorrow eighty percent chance. Wait a minute foreign Burbank. It's only fifty percent. You have eighty. That just might be the way that the storm is moving because by tomorrow afternoon. Most people will be dry trying out. And then another rainstorm comes in Sunday. Are we looking at like the rest of February is going to be several storms kind of passed. I hope you're right. Look at this belly tonight rain, Saturday rain, Sunday rain, Monday, sunshine. Say sunshine, right there, sunshine. No, no, no, just the way you said normally just it was. You didn't say. That is on. The forecast is son Zsa and then Wednesday next week rain Saturday Sunday Monday Wednesday Thursday, so there's three one two three four storms coming in four big storms coming into southern California, so clean your gutters. I went up on the roof the other day and clean the gutters. Almost fell off the roof. Oh, good. No, I know. You go to do stuff like in your garage yard your roof. You have bad accident. And what by the old house that we had in Burbank every single time. I went to the garage do anything. I got hurt. Right. Because it was jinxed. I was jinxed in that. How old because we've talked about the curse haunting it's a long story. But the guy who owned that house who died didn't like me he likes the new owner. He didn't like know him. No, I didn't know him. But he didn't like me. How do you know this psychic Toby? You go to psychics a psychic. It's a long story, but his psychic in Guatemala and psychic told me. From Guatemala, were you in Guatemala, psychic told, you know, a friend of mine has married to a woman who's who knows a Guatemalan psychic. So you were over at their house, and the Guatemalan psychic was at the house and told you this she came from Guatemala to look at the house as a psychic spiritually said, there's an old guy that died in there that doesn't like you and then flew back Guatemala. No. How did she know the guy that died or medium? Pretty heavy. Real quick here. Do you have a live read coming up right here? No. No, okay. All right. What about forty five? Yes. Okay. I'm gonna move this story to forty five talking about them. LA city attorney's office has reached a patient dumping settlement. With a nursing facility in MacArthur park. The six hundred thousand dollars.

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