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But if the baby is suffering due to lack of oxygen or nutrients it may be better for both the baby and the mother to be delivered early but you're constantly trying to weigh the risk of a of an unexpected premature delivery for medical indications versus the risk of staying in the womb when it's not a good idea rideau to the phones e 447 two for each 255 if you have questions about placenta and feudal development and please keep your suggestions for placenta recipes to yourself grower couldn't believe it let's go to cut to who question that's got to the phones going to jesse in rochester higher jesse welcome to signs friday all thank you ira um so with sounds like you've you've discovered that the placenta among identical twins would favour one over the other my twin identical son ted twin to twin transfusion syndrome which sounds like uh kind of an hyperactive uh tendency of their placenta to want to feed one and deplete the other i wonder if you could speak to how your new findings might be related to the twenty twin transfusion central okay you could you lends a little more what that is yet twin twin transfusions m syndrome is when the vessels in the placenta from one twin in the other um has abnormal connection so one typically one twin steals blood from the other twin directly in our particular study we excluded i twins with those abnormalities but we we're hoping that moving forward we can also look at how that transport of nutrients his altered with abnormal connections.

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