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Weber fernando alonzo at the nurburgring and john we there we many memories of that race. I don't nothing stands out in particular from that race. Was i said to kevin before we started today. That lewis hamilton is a career. Where an off. Just an awful lot of brilliant wins the become the norm because they're not go against the grain. He's we know he's a super strong driver. Can qualify the front and perform some pretty lapse in brilliant overtaking moves and brilliant strategy and comes through him wins so sometimes they kind of old merge into each other and i think this is a classic is always came from the back or pulled off an amazing top. Ten overtaken. History was just a classic lewis. Hamilton win that can sometimes get overlooked a little bit. Which is my memory is completely blank owner. it's funny. She say that john because the in the ultimate driver ratings the the line was vintage hamilton. You're absolutely spots on. Yeah the reason. I picked. That one was because he had he had wheel-to-wheel fought through the lonzo and weber. They really were. The three of them had had a pretty much almost race long fight and there had several key we'll moments particularly when one of them was coming out the pits and one of these multiple peretti pitstop erases and in each of those sort of contested. Louis came out and he he he did. He did the moves and he passed lonzo after owns. Oh stop which is we now. He's not an easy thing to do so it was. It was getting the getting the better of to to strong rivals when it was it. Could i think it could probably have gone to any one of the three of them and eat. Well let's move to number seven. Which is one of one of the surprisingly few cave. I must say for hamilton's early career that's in. This list is the caribbean from one. That is. It's a two thousand eight german grand prix at hockenheim which is how much it's twenty-seventh formula one races. Eight victory starting from pole position. And i mean wha- was particularly was illegal different in terms of thinking about to hamilton's early career in terms of how he won these races. I guess this one mainly memorable because it was nelson be junior an not a rival regularly. guy gansler simonson and his former on career. I think i think it stood up. This this is a lewis. Has a brilliant habit of doing is that you can have races where he appears to be in control. Everything's going smoothly. And then an instant will turn on his head. Which in this race was my crash in. The safety car and wiping is lead and then pk peak getting front. But lewis never gets flustered. never kinda throws it away and they circumstance even when he say massively wiped away from him or some it goes against him to keep calm and focused and keeps delivering. And i was absolutely critical here. seeing lead wiped away being on the back foot and having to come through again and a nailing it so another classic lewis win. Yeah even when he's having a run on the radio we've seen it more in the mercedes days of course when he's ranting on the radio all these finished fastest lap you know that sort of thing Yeah he. He has a ramp as john says he doesn't. He still delivers on track. And this is an early instance of the team inadvertently sort of scream really left. Imagine safety car period thinkin. He'd be able to build up enough lead and they got really wrong and dropped him back into the pack and it looked like a race that mclaren had lost but the over to need to overtake philippi mass. Earn a nelson piquet junior. And kinda save. Mclaren's yes say. Some red faces really. If you don't do that would have been a win. They'd have they'd have really thrown away just to protect your point. Alex on on some of the perhaps the early races in his career not being their first of all was trying to get a bit of a spread across different types of race in different areas. But also the ones that come to mind. I've seen on other people's top ten wins lists are food. Gt thousand seven monaco. Two thousand and eight. We both wet weather races. I think one the reasons. I didn't put those in this. Because i think there's a better way where the race that we'll get to later but also food g. ferrari messed up with their ties and penalties and drop to the back. Lonzo crashed the main. Oh and and of course. There's the veteran weber behind the safety car. So he's rivals. Essentially tim sales out on a monarchy in two thousand eight. He biff the wall and okay was fantastic fast. After that he needed a little bit a lot with the weather in the way the strachey panda off that for him to get a win. Back the heat to throw away by putting into the barrier. So if you're doing a top fifteen or twenty. Maybe most dramatic hamilton wins. Then it would be there. But i don't think in terms of pure driving it was it was. It was his best data evans. Dude driver ratings that race. Letty ones in twenty. One definitely wouldn't have a maximum. Wouldn't you can't hit a wall and an end up even if you win to get the maximum score but then we got. Let's move on to number six. Which is really interesting race. Actually is the two thousand nine monaco grand prix sandwich since two hundred thirty fifth racy seventy-seventh winston position. But two things. Really stand out from this. An show your expand on the quite an emotional emotionally charged. We can for formula one infamous as in particular following the death of the he louder but who said the battle of hamilton has with mattress napa. And maybe have you about this. So of shadows wants to come in. Sounds of their rivalry because rebel hadn't been the big problem for mercedes during the recent years of that turbie. It'd been veteran. Ferrari or three teams are in the mix. Twenty nine thousand. But he's so it's not an hounding. Hamilton was on those on the wrong tyres essentially on the on the medium sized to keep it going. And yeah what what's your..

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