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Maybe you can contribute to, you know, some families that of illegal illegal immigrants in some of their children, or something like that. But I think it's just to me it just turned out not. I watch football a little bit. But I'm not into it with the coaches and all this. I just think I just think it's overblown embarrassing. I don't know you know, if this you know they're trying to get one team owner or the relationship because. Yeah. You did hear some conspiracies Dave dine in San Antonio, thinks they're going after him because he's a friend of Donald Trump. Tony thinks it's the Miami Dolphins. Thank god. Oh, Dan Marino was not involved because I would never think the same Dan Marino. Tom sees it as a body, double Roger Goodell. Setting him up. We've run to a bunch of theories here. You can pick whichever one you want. Okay. Well, an- anyway, I guess the bottom line is I just think it's you can't say bottom in a case like this. If someone said rear end you've got say, bottom Joe, you're a good sport. We love you calls. You keep calling the show. But I got the eleven o'clock news. Thanks. Joe bye. That was a really interesting our. That was a really. I there were some things that are that I'd never thought of and you thought I was fetched. Nothing bad. Well, we're taking a break. We're going to step aside for Jim McKay. And the eleven o'clock news. I have no idea what we're going to talk. I know we're gonna talk we're going to keep this up. We had Kevin Kennon and James coming up on the other side and room for you. The no hitter is going on now.

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