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You know what i'm saying. So it would be weird in other words if bayer didn't have contacts at the epa because they have work together that's necessary so so and double check that promise you go. Check that out at the epa website. Because it's it's a ridiculous process but you're exactly right you you have to know the target. You're trying to hit and they're in regulation is not just a very standard series of tests. It's always a very specific Relationship that happens around the testing of a compound. The article also ends with a guy named peter dixon who is a member of the australian association of butch alone. I said that wrong. Yes the australian association of bush re generators. Which i think i need to be a member of that. Just be cool to have. The t shirt insert joke here But but but basically he. He throws caution to the wind. He i shouldn't say that either. He says understandably that there are dozens of chemicals around your house that can kill you. And he's right. You know your window cleaner your oven cleaner. You know gasoline whatever and you just got to use it the right way and he says that on different areas conservation areas around sydney that have experienced some ecological damage that they've used herbicides. For years to knockback something called balloon vine and trad and so balloon vine if you ever wonder we're balloons came from is invasive in australia and he says you just can't do it with mechanical methods and you have to keep the weeds at bay with the ugh life estate. Because if you do it enough and you keep knocking them back and you keep knocking back then. The plants that belong there can fill the gap and so it's it's a necessary tool for conservation and ecology. Okay so pok. Mon cova monster. Bruce wayne is apparently a now Predatory publishing so this article came from. The scientist was by Shalom and he uses a pen. Name to publish articles in predatory journals. Now just for what it's worth predatory journals are these journals that are it's he describes it basically very expensive blogs they are They sound like they're they're credible they have somebody contact you by email and say a deer esteemed dr full at my friends. Don't even call me esteemed and they'll say you know we. So much want to publish your your outstanding science work in the annals of gynecology and obstetrics and i get these all the time and and one of them even called a gynecological ecology get. Gosh that must be a wreck. This journal this journal sends. They asked me for solicitations and and Getting back to the story here. So that's predatory journals it really. They claim to be these. These very Internet like the the the Internationally international publishing houses. That are really just. Stay in apartment outside of dc or sixty four dollars a month storage unit. Norcross georgia seriously. They are or or an empty lot in suburban chicago. They have an address And they usually just one person who serves as an editor who agrees to publish your stuff if you pay him the money now see him or her. But i'm guessing this is mostly guys. But i don't see women being predatory publishers but there's my bias so the idea is that you basically pay somebody to to put your work in a fake journal. Well what What what this guy did. What shalom did was Published a paper in the american journal of biomedical science. Where he Where he said that a bat like pokemon creature spread over nineteen and the paper was called silage city covid. Nineteen outbreak leaked to zubac consumption. Now i don't know what pokemon stuff is really so it doesn't resonate with me but i get the idea..

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