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With Sir head and with back for another upcoming attractions zoe how we doing. I'm good hot off. The hottest loss wake the comic con Special Man that was a fucking jam-packed thing wasn't it. It was and honestly like this so much we didn't talk about which like probably a good thing that could have been a twelve hour long episode episode in fact what's kind of weird to me and I guess it's always like this but let me just really stood out so we now are preparing for this episode like everybody. Nobody knows comecon such a big deal at the week after the news usually pretty quiet so this might be shorter episode but we do have a bunch of stuff that was released just before comecon and then of course what Zombie land as well Mafia showed up so it's going to be a good one still are I can but I think we really into yeah but we were getting into some sad news real quick. I'm going to get the name wrong but someone who is a pot of the midnight. Double Feature Artwork has passed away. Don't tell us about this. Yeah Sorry Holy Shit because this happened last week. That's why I'm just like kind of blanket. I'm like white who know ripka Halla man the lead the man the myth the legend rookie JALAPPA's away away at the age of believe it was. I don't WanNa fuck it up. I believe it was seventy seventy five here I only thrown under the bus threats because I'll skate. I was going to pronounce the name which is a very common thing. I may not double H I always get names wrong. That's all good. I'm usually the main God so that's fine fun but yeah rookie how the legend Man I wake up to that and I <hes> because Collins Pretty Much Colin spiral movies blade runner and I played the the the the release Scotland so our up to it and it was just like like hey y'all socials and it was acquired from the five is quiet tears in the rain quote that his character gives in that film and that he passed away and I'm just like man that that's I do wish I'd seen more of his stuff. I've seen the hitch of saying that I've seen sin city obviously because he coveted for the podcast and Nelson a couple more but I mean that guy if you go through his I'm David he had acted inserm any fucking movies man like when when people say a that he died legend then not wrong because he was a ton of the industry and it is really sad to say guy but take a look at like filmography he was a bit of a quiet achiever. Keeley wasn't a lot of stuff but like allow them like Oh. I've seen these films. Remember him then. Maybe just maybe it's a generational thing but I didn't realize he was in Batman begins. I didn't unrealized Sin City and I never saw it. I've always wanted to watch it and I probably will now honor of him. I've always wanted Shotgun harbor with a shotgun John Armour that trailer came out and I was like I love how fucking weed in like intentionally bay guide this is. It looks like it looks like gets a lot of fun. I'm probably check that one out that trial came out it was before <hes> God I can't remember which was but but remember when like <hes> Tarantino Rodriguez did the planetary yeah and then they had the fact trial is one of them was high with a shotgun and then they made it into a feature film yeah. That's a good weird. We took it cinematic universes. That's a con accounts as runner. I it's a little we'd we'd Grind House that kind of exists in Israel fun movies. I'm show a lot of people fan of death perf cold but other than right turn tena some that I hate. I don't hate it but I think we can all agree. It's wake's film dude. I Love Planet Tara. I liked them actually really liked the machete films I wasn't eating. It's hilarious the first Michelle home with our who's the villain Robert Deniro eight reminds me so much of trump. He's trying to build wall to Mexico. He wears a red tie is he loves his guns against BECO- me cracking out when I realized that comparison that was way before it's time to so yeah <hes> anyways shots him always said yeah or soy sad seal legend. Thank you for your work and contributions nations but let's move onto the happy news but before that Zohab wake we find me not double feature. If we WANNA stop today yeah so guys we are on facebook so he can follow us on facebook as our main page which has been double feature and then we also have that group that's attached to that called the body. That's what he pledged names news and taste of what's to come here may not feature aw that's also growing community that contribute to discussions ongoing discussions about films always there was commenting ending on new policies and you trial is and things like that and that's also where they're able to get the comments in on whatever film covering this week so yeah that's an awesome page <hes> but then we've also got our instagram which is not fair and then we've also got twitter which is add m._d._f.. pod and rumor to write reviews from turns. Yes plays. I said I was going to go through some some quick news things bulletproof stuff bullet-point stall and tell me if you go any special reactions surprise surprise spotty spidey hit a billion dollars. That's cool then other than spot a man maybe to ever do so. Yes yes you which is kinda surprising because he think of spot vitamin. It's meant to you one of Marvel's biggest properties sell some of the most toys but it took this long hit a billion which like I say it like it's a aw compli only hit a billion but that didn't used to happen back in the day now just visit Mabul do it every ten minutes as a result. This is taken Disney into you. The the the highest earning movie studio Arthur burks record. Apparently I lost one but yeah good for them. It's it's a lot isn't that a guy with five months left and would still a couple of big releases coming up including styles. Currently including install is including. I think malicious this too right yeah. I think there's another big one as well but it's slipping my mind. Yeah seven point six seven billion dollars which which is like that last week but that's just because I'm like a legend at that. You know what I did. I did look it up. I did look it up because I wanted to say like how much that actually met like that actually matters to Disney but I looked up Disney's net profits right like because you you need to you need need to remember that you know they make most of their profits from the theme Parks Derive Net profits where it stands currently <hes> is somewhere around the ballpark of one hundred and thirty billion dollars like thirty seven point six billion is kind of nothing right for them. I am yeah you're gonNA think like even with films alone. Make more money than some countries like they are. Insane are the biggest biggest company out there and moneywise like I'm sure there's some oil tycoon out there somewhere but that's insane and now they are in Fox black talking about monopoly but I'm not mad because the movies fucking good even films are still pretty good so I get to the Lion King Yeah Okay Okay and then the only other thing is before the trial is is use post about this today it chapter two is run. Time is two hours and forty five five minutes which I'm guessing is a record for horror films. Do we WANNA see a horror film that that's that's that long when he thought what are you reckon I mean I mean look <hes> <hes> not not really not not a horror movie like I mean fucking sore some shade but I think I'm in if it's it <hes> I think that there's a lot less left from the source material that they haven't really told and I have a I have completed fight in this director Andy Machete because that I it was fantastic and that I was was nurtured either in terms of run Tom. I think it was two hours fifteen something like that. I'm I'm down like I I am one hundred percent down like I mean look along movies to me. I like flow movies. I can sit through a long movie any fucking day of the week as long as it's good quality like you know what I mean like. This is new trend U._R._I.. Feels like they're just trying to make the movies longer for the sake of itsy feel like you've got your money's worth but when the movie's not good that's actually a negative thing so yeah but I agree with you. Man Like blossoms really good. I guess the Office does explain that we were talking last week and we're just talking about how you use saying about how confident this these trailers have vein and all surprise but how much like variety get stuff. They're not going back act the same wells to dig out. I guess this is why I'm guessing this movie. It's jam packed with content and it's probably passing really well through saying the same. Thank that's the impression. I'm getting especially knowing this run time now so faulk talk about confidence too. I think it's GonNa be really good movie. I'm excited yeah anyway. Let's move on out trailers. Let's start off with look. Let's let's do the one that I think. Most people talked about so I have lied on me brother. What did you think the trial aw two cats I mean I totally Italy forgot? This is coming as well. I remember looking up because I remember watching the king's speech and I was like man what's his director up to now and then it was like Oh cats because like the king's speech a best picture winner and it is a fucking great movie men like that movies outstanding Tom who is the director of that movie so this trailer dropped sometime before comecon literally Justice Okada I think man this talk about backlash like you know what I mean like. It got destroyed. I think I think there is does something weird going on like I it seems like it's kind of distracting the blend of the sage and the prosthetics and the actors and it's just not it doesn't doesn't seem to coalesce and it just it takes away from their performances just a little bit in the trial of <hes> look that might not be that the might not be the case in the actual film in the final film. They might not even that that might not have may what they look like in the final film. I doubt that will change drastically their looks their variances appearances but it's it's still soup distracting like James. Corden probably comes off the worst. What is is what is this afternoon and got unlike James Corden like I'm not really the biggest fan of him so it's just like look? They've got amazing actors in this film Tom. You got fucking Idris Elba one Judi dench right like how to Judi dench sign up for this shit like she's just like that is like like Oh. She's like Oh cats. I remember that watching it when I was like a hundred years old Golda like years ago whatever the fuck so yeah I don't know man. It looks kind of like it's peaked my curiosity. I'll definitely watch the trials. Sorry I'll definitely keep it on the reviews before like when the baby comes out to say which way they land like whether they overly negative whether the overly positive. I have a lot of faith in this director Tom here bus. I might go check. Check it out but the J. Work is it's. It's way I do. I do kind of wish they went with a little bit more a bit more of a practical route. I'm look honestly. I don't think I've ever been more split on a trailer than I have in a long time on this because on one hand okay you're doing a musical physical film. You've got a great cost of that. Then you get like a nice dunk costing with a senior Taylor Swift during the mix okay arm intrigue and it's based off like one of the most successful and popular musicals of all time which I've never seen always been curious to say so you've got me on board with a little bit there but the direction they've taken for the sage eight is bizarre and I get going flick an Avatar thing or even like an elite of battle angel thing but like the way people react to this you it makes you think a sonic the hedgehog right the way that it seems like they went. We'd lead a little bit too realistic Dick. Maybe it would have been better if they will actually look like cats was something I don't know and then this negative band backlash but I think the problem is as as opposed to sonic or sonic case one character they can make some adjustments that can push back push back a bit. That's okay this..

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