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Any vote that came in after polls closed on Tuesday should be thrown out. Republican Party says they have over 100 reports of irregularities from the TCF Center here in Detroit GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel says they have hundreds of reports of irregularities from the TC of center in Detroit, including a bundle of ballots with no received eight whistleblower was instructed. Find their supervisor to take the balance, with no days. Answer them into the electronic records and place either November 2nd or November 3rd as the day received. This's illegal whistleblower is a contract employee for the city of Detroit and not a Republican challenger. McDaniel says. These allegations have been sent to the U. S attorney's office in Detroit. Ken Wriggles Ke W. J. R News yesterday a judge in Detroit throughout the Trump lawsuit against the vote count in Michigan, saying it was based on hearsay evidence and that has been filed too late a day of protesting near the TCF Center in Detroit. It started earlier today with dozens of pro trump protesters who took to the street to demonstrate about what they said was unfair count that occurred at the TCF earlier in the week. And then later in the afternoon, the black lives matter. Protestors moved into the area. Police say there were no problems, although they did have to close the lodge Freeway at the I 75 the Wayne County Treasury office says it is closed early today due to threats. In a statement, the county said they had received credible information from the Wayne County Sheriff's Office of the threats of these threats. The Wayne County sheriff more Benny Napoleon said that the threat stated they would quote go over and storm the building. He said it was an effort to steer steel ballots. He said nothing of the sort had happened and anyone attempting such a thing would be arrested. State health officials reporting 3763 new cases of covert 19. 43 deaths that pushes the case Total in Michigan toe over 200,000. The death toll stands at 7513. The Dow and S and P 500 a four day winning streak as stocks law biggest weekly gain since April. Here's Geri Willis stocks finishing near the flatline today after a robust week that saw the market's log their best week since April as investors embraced the prospect of a divided government. At the end of Friday, the Dow finishing down 66 points and the NASDAQ up four points. Before the week the Dow gained 7.3% the SNP gain. 6.9% and the Tech heavy NASDAQ jumped 9% investors also celebrating a strong jobs report today that saw the unemployment rate. All to 6.9% down from 7.7% in October, the economy added. 638,000 jobs Better than forecast from New York. Geri Willis Fox News, a longtime weatherman announcing a serious health diagnosis. Legendary NBC weatherman Al Roker announced earlier on Friday that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will be taking some time off from NBC's Today show a good news. Bad news kind of thing and good news is we caught it early. Not great news is that it's a little aggressive. So I'm going to be taking some time off to take care of this broker, speaking on the today show, while also adding that doctors have decided to remove the whole prostate rather than have the 66 year old undergo radiation broker has been a staple of the Today show and the Macy's Thanksgiving parade since joining NBC 42 years ago. My gun's domain, Fox News and a touching moment on Jeopardy. Jeopardy! Contestant broke down in tears, thanking host Alex Trebek for inspiring him years ago. Birth. Decker became champion Thursday night with a $20,400 win and was asked by your back if he had anyone cheering them on. You know, Here's a.

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