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Thirty-seven max eight or being sent to Europe for analysis at the same time, more, countries and airlines are grounding the plane as a safety precaution NPR's. Peter Kenyon says Turkey is suspending Boeing, Maxine and max nine aircraft Turkey state run news agency reported the suspension of all max eight and max nine flights the Turkish transport ministry calls it a precautionary measure. Turkish Airlines says all twelve of its max eight and max nine aircraft will be withdrawn from commercial flights until further notice. The FAA is not doing the same in the US saying there's no evidence to support the move the crash in Ethiopia killed all one hundred fifty seven people aboard the pilot reported problems with the flight controls minutes after taking off from Mata SABA. The crash came less than five months after a lion Air Boeing seven thirty-seven max say crashed in Indonesia killing. All one hundred eighty nine aboard. President Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort is in court this morning in Washington. He's facing up to ten years in prison after pleading guilty to a pair of conspiracy counts related to illegal lobbying last week Manafort received nearly four years in prison in a separate case in Virginia. The check on the US economy shows construction spending rose in January by one point three percent. This is NPR news from news, I'm Brian watt. The head of the Silicon Valley hedge fund tied to a massive college bribery scandal is stepping down men. Well, in Rica's who was also the top executive of investment giant pimco until two thousand sixteen will be replaced as CEO and chairman of Hercules capital in Palo Alto. In Rica's was arrested in New York and released on five hundred thousand dollars bail yesterday. Fifty people were charged in the scheme in which wealthy parents, allegedly bribed, college coaches and other. Insiders to get their children into some of the nation's most selective. Schools yet. Another California appeals court has ruled that a landmark transparency law applies to officer misconduct in shooting records that predate this year sukey Lewis reports it's the latest blow to police union arguments. Trying to keep records sealed the appellate court declined to hear the case writing and its summary order that the unions contention that Senate Bill fourteen twenty one doesn't open up past records is without merit. David Snyder of the San Rafael based first amendment coalition says this is just the latest in a string of judicial rulings. Rejecting those arguments passes getting very narrow engines to find the court will agree with this ruling also means that as of next week police and sheriff's departments in contra Costa county will no longer be prevented from releasing documents on deadly use of force dishonesty and sexual assault by officers. Joined the case seeking access to those records. I'm sukey Lewis kick tweedy news, more at news dot org. I'm Brian watt. Support comes from tonight lodge full service resort offering tours of Yosemite waterfalls tonight, lodge dot com. Just ahead on morning edition. California's governor Newsome is imposing a moratorium on the death penalty withdrawing the state's protocols for lethal injection, Scott Shafer, we'll have more in just a moment. And then as we continue our coverage of this throughout the day. We'll have the latest coming up on forum at nine o'clock and at eleven o'clock this morning, we'll bring you a special statewide broadcast.

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