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Are you chose? This is about the before me. Do with the GM and Alito stain at the stain at this get kicked out of my my my my the Lincoln GM accepted that trae shot. In the Molly gonna place as before y'all know high on the trait when when people do stupid trade Buddha, you even think about our friends somebody demonstrate, and you gotta get the the blue. What else you get does the ended on that note? Now, let's end on this note. Thank you so much for watching the show all shot, the James Dolan to you know, he's not close minded and seventeen open to it. I might as a first time anybody of shouted out James Dolan in the positive way out and twenty four to thirty six months. I'm interested. Them have some team. Some some team buyers with me, you know, it ain't just going to be solely me. Anybody else we gotta shout out. So you a foe set? Sheldon Williams on one time. That's why I don't think he probably don't even know who he's married to know, Candace Parker. How'd y'all know Sheldon Williams, look like can I show you real quick to react out so out so you, yes, I'll be coming up with on crazy because he said the Martin where he came with the Marlins dead. They only even know about that on the crazy part. They don't even know about that tomorrow. Thanks. Oh, yeah. I know. All shots, and one of my favorite was man. Austin rivers get cut by really not cover released a song. So he can go to a playoff contending team. I hope he goes to the situation. The wizards was to devotional for do like that other than the rockets is another team that could use them. Sixers. You think sexy? Mcconnell? He's a combo guard. He plays to and one. I guess also the same thing. No. I'm saying also about teaching they just need some people that they can put on a wing. Don't really have. I come cork. Mas. The heat. He's on a man that he. They got Tyler John Rodrick when you're about Josh Richardson all have their pain Tyler Johnson who. Play. If he gave them a nights Amelia. Rather have instead Austin rivers, you rather have also members and Tyler Johnson. I don't know Tyler Johnson do thing. I'm a big awesome. It was fan. So I wanna see the clippers bring them back. We'll be doll. Doc, it's been great. So actually back not even in charge noisy though. So it wouldn't even dot the it's not it's not not Lawrence coach. Coach nets. Thank you, all so much. We love y'all at Denver's do not do that again to my team. Boy..

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