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Break Bill Cunningham the great American live with you every Sunday night NewsRadio time eight thirty the father of a murdered Iowa college student does not want his daughter's death. Politicized plea from the grieving father of Molly. Tibbets rob Tibbets writing this op-ed and the join register with this request in bold don't. Distort her death to advance racist views Mr. Rivera yuko Malaita Molly officials say the man charged with killing the twenty. Year old Christian Rivera is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico the case. Immediately drawn into the center of the national conversation on immigration a person came in. From Mexico illegally and killed her Tibbets writing I encourage the debate on immigration, but do not appropriate Molly soul in advancing view she believed, were profoundly, racist Marci, Gonzales, reporting Broncos have cut quarterback Paxton Lynch giving up on, the former first round pick after two seasons Denver signs Redskin QB Kevin HOGAN. Off the waiver wire next news update at nine, David KO KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety Four one FM He's a nice quiet night on your roads. Across the metro we are seeing no accidents or stalls on any of. Your major highways I twenty five is wide open up and down the front range from Colorado. Springs to Wyoming I seventy is also moving at top speeds from the eastern plains to the mountains and to twenty-five all clear through Aurora near Berthod though that crash on highway two eighty-seven and horseshoe circle still has the road close CBS four weather calls for an overnight low of. Sixty degrees tomorrow mostly cloudy a high, of eighty one a low. Of fifty eight we will see seventies and eighties all of next week for a. Change right now it is. Sixty nine degrees I'm Tammy vehicle on KOA NewsRadio Colorado's news traffic and weather station For to know what happened to never know what as it happens this particular event answers are not always immediate as you go about your.

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