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Jim Omori will trigger it into your play. Just a little bit more than two minutes here in the fourth quarter Jamal Murray looks in again. Does it over to Juancho back out on top to Mason Plumlee, hands off behind him to whistle and another foul? That one's gonna be on Jackson. A lot of opportunities to work on late game executions and sideline out of bounds and baseline out of bounds plays and all of those things. Tori. Craig looks throws it into Mason. Plumlee, see we get a couple of plays up. No whistle here. Tim O Murray has it at the point gets a high pick for Mason stops crossover. Move the paint throws behind him. Millsaps west bow again, Josh Jackson. See all these rules that they've done right? Like like last year. They switched the time outs. Where you don't. You can't call the twenty second timeouts over and over. And then the one they have this year is that on an office of rebound the clock, resets the fourteen and not to twenty four all this was to speed up the game. Working out solo encourage the better quality game Lori with a three pointer begin bounce. What's Denver backed up sixteen ninety seven to eighty one. You could tell Jamal Murray is just so right now the way that he's playing competent. He's dictating what the team is doing authentic hitting shots within the flow Jackson cross-court past Isaiah Kennedy rips baseline throws the opposite side to Booker and a step back story that was good. Luckily, down to thirteen ninety seven to eighty four. Joe-marie across the timelines off of the keys Mesa plumbing. Glumly dribbles over to the high post. He's got eight charges of the paint. Throws out of it on top Dettori credit for three that's short rebound. Il sat goes up, Mr. the got TJ ward. And he will go to the free throw line. In Ryan Anderson and Trevor Aretha are set to check back in. Paul Millsap getting a great offensive rebound there too. He's so good at watching the ball as it is shot by one of his teammates and recognizing where it is going to come off of the rent. That's true. I free throw Millsaps on the way to begging think about becoming.

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