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And to continue to take action in life is experiments, you said and encourages ability to be afraid, you know to be afraid and and and find the course of action right around it knowledge faith in action equals courage. I mean, you've given the listeners to a good road map. So we all we all stand at a threshold of greatness and we choose to be courageous to walk through the door. What's your next door? Brian Berman? Where you going now? That's a good question. I mean to me it is. It starts with like what do I what do I want? I want to work with people that I like that I trust and you make me better it really is that simple I want to work with Elite people that want to take on faith invention projects and I want to build what I call my own courage Brands to yeah. So, you know, even we're building and leading courage Brands and we're we're turning companies from maybe a coward. Bran Thursdays is Brandon to encourage bread and we might need a whole nother episode on that. But then like how come back together or will meet for a bagel in the city or something. Love it off. Then I also have my own career and called sock problems and and the idea is good. I take everything. I learned in the book and apply it I think a lot of people write books as you know, and sometimes people their ideas and learning the theory versus actually operationalizing them. So lots of stock company that actually eats Ox Ox different problem in the world. So if you want to gun violence or you wanted to Sock cancer dead One of the soccer racism each Sox different problem and we're actually sending targeted cash back to different expert part, fantastic. So movember for stock prostate cancer or Trevor Project for sake just two examples and we actually won't make assoc unless it's associated with the problem. So, you know, I feel like there's so much to learn and grow and my personal mantras patiently Relentless. So he's going on the journey well said see where it goes but I want to do do that. I want to I want to help companies be more courageous. I want to help people be more courageous and then I want to launch my own courage. A fantastic Orion. It's been a real pleasure having you on the show enjoyed it a great deal. So I'll make you a promise that any given time you ever need someone to stand next to you guys in the middle of a street battle where you need to be courageous. I'll come and stand with you. So thank you for being on the show. Same same here man. I'll bring my nunchucks. Tell me where fantastic listen. I like. I'm not sure. Okay with meeting in San Diego. I'm looking at meeting in Manhattan. I'm okay meeting in London it all works. Maybe we'll do all three cities. Why not? Why not? We still got some tread on the tires ideal? Well, thank you right. It's great. I love you Santa Grupo welcome to today's episode of the roots of leadership. I hope that you take to heart some of the things that that Ryan said today some of the things he and I talked about and know you can do it. We belong you. Have a great day..

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