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The twenty dig into what number is alien people. I know people got sick after invective but a lot of people say that. But that's what happens when you take most vaccines or you take the flu vaccine. And you'd see because the guy that said well got made a good point. He said back in the days used crack crack density people show. Why would you use johnson. Well he said he said why would somebody. Who's cracking back to why you're better people. Yeah but here's the thing. This is the fear that a lot of people. They don't know what the vaccine may do to them in the future so so we have not seen what the vaccine will do in the future. So i mean you're right. Yes we've seen with. Cova does but then a lot of people are afraid to color but they're also raided the vaccine so they would rather take their chances by wearing masks social distancing washing their hands and taking precautions at the polls to get vaccine. Now now you want to continue to agree with the president that use the analogy for kobe. Nope doing best to me. And my family everybody do is best for you and your. That's that's where they should all boil down to like. I mean it is what it is. That's that's that's literally what it should boil down to people people feel comfortable. Everybody's comfort level is different. Some people feel comfortable in the beginning. Some people feel comfortable in the middle of may feel comfortable a month from now. When you feel comfortable in the middle what would an Kind of in the middle right now. Minimal around lena leaning more towards back don't matter it don't matter that's my my body much but we'll talk about it john talking about. That's what we really want to put that disclaimer. I say none of them none of us. Y'all well all of us. We really don't know what we're talking about. One thing about alameda got. I'm never going to get on newsradio fully act like i know what i'm talking about my fans okay. That's all right. Well we got away the s. and let's talk about the bt hip hop awards nominees. Now we'll tell you had the most nominations with nine this year. All right. we'll get to that mixes the breakfast morning. Everybody hey jay. Envy leash alameda. We breakfast club. Good morning money. That's one of our iheartradio music festival artists as felt like saying that that's our last week. I was in mexico i was in. I'm trying to think of the yard. Mexico mexico is is Laporta valero cetera. Puerto vallarta yes. That's the places book that you buy just go. I just know where you are and be pleased mexico. How about that okay. how about that. Someone shout to everybody out there. They were they was so nice kind to my family. We stayed at the villa la They listen every morning. So i just wanna shout out to them. Everybody was just so nice. I just wanna say thank you for all the love. We had a great time services. Wonderful wanted to take the family way before school started so the kids are back in school. So everybody travelling may show you know what the rules already get back to. Because i know a lot of times you gotta get kobe tested before you come back. I know people miss their flight china Because they had to go through all these different protocols that they weren't aware of so if you are planning to travel to another country make sure you look all of that up on acta. Go to barbados for a wedding next week. And i'm like so confused trying to see what the protocol is. You have to get this. You have to get tested. But if you're vaccinated do something else you have to fill out this form ahead of time. People get turned away at the airport because they didn't look that information and they can't get on the flight because it didn't fill out a form or they didn't get their test in time or they didn't get the right task very serious about that at some places you gotta get. You gotta get tested before you go and tested three days before you come back. And when you land. I think in barbados it says you have to get tested when you land in either at the airport or or at a vaccination Or at a site where you have to quarantine or something like that so just make sure before you go anywhere you know what the rules are absolutely all right and those those fake vaccination. 'cause they're arresting people for those who just want to put that out there so if you've got a vaccination caused a hood is out there so crazy if they catch it you're going to jail. I was going to eat and you know in new york. In order to go inside restaurants to sit down and eat you have to be vaccinated and have your vaccination card and so That's just something also. I feel bad for the people who have to check that this was never in my job. Description you gotta come in. They like okay. We need to see your vaccination card and you know that's just another thing that people have to do now all right well. We got rumors or the way what we talking about. Bt hip hop awards to people who lead the nominations for this year. We'll tell you who they are with nine. Nominations each right. We'll get into that next. It's the breakfast club. Good morning about this report. And the breakfast club arrive obt has announced the nominees for the bt hip hop awards. And that's going to be taking place in next month and who leads the nominations cardi b. and meghan the stallion with nine nominations each. Yes congratulations to them. When wop seem like a lifetime ago does yeah. When did that song come out as you during the pandemic i right well hip hop album of the year. Let's talk about that and who you think should get it from the people nominated. I write moneybag yo against his pain. Tyler the creator if you get less migos cultured three mag the stallion good news Dj cala cala kelly. Twenty-one savage metro boom in savage motoo or j. cole the off season what you think i mean you gotta go j. code season right. I mean. there's a lot of albums on their love. I love the twenty one savage My love money back. But i mean i would. Yeah you gotta go holding creators out digital created. A lot of people are talking about. They let it but if you basing basing it off with album sounds like any off sales in impact and everything else. You gotta go j. aussie. I would think i right now. Who is the hip hop artist of the year. Cardi b. drake jayco little baby. Meghan the stallion or tyler. The creator at it would have to go between megan and low baby. My opinion meghan happy. Little baby had huge knows. It is sexy picks. But i i don't know for some reason i feel like tyler. The creator a really. Do i dislike tyler door. Join just put out with maximum cream. A loved his album low babies and putting numbers on the board is it touring has been crazy every remedies ease featured on you being killing it. I don't know that's a tough one. All right we'll just. Oh here's one. Dj of the year Not envy anything damn. I think it's only right. I mean let's let's talk about it. I mean talk about what syndicated no one hundred markets in the last year. Dj radio personality. That's rare dj. Appear sir you over denies radio hall. Timeout denies this stop jazzy. Jeff denies the dj of the can't even leave. I think about that with the dj last year. This year last year old famous dj dj's committee. Can we talk about cars. Brought out sixteen thousand. No artist stop by the one in a thousand. No artists parties all over the world. Every demographic denies stop okay. Okay one more got his award. You guys haven't you flirt nominated for what he did all of this yada splashes flashes everything did lashing him deny them d- nightclub quarantine. He'd been doing you know Amazing now the to wanting to to. I saw on instagram crazy. One more one more coachella elena sixteen thousand people see dj best hip hop platform out the nice complex genius hip hop dax hot new hip hop the shade room worldstar double xl or the breakfast club. Academics academics word nominated no nope. Academics should be academic dominated.

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