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48 Times. Jeffries he's done prior and together. It's the tide of done. Shit is and we talked a little bit about this NC double a Supreme Court decision or thoughts of debate about Paying college athletes for their run for the brand. I guess they're likely no city will on. I think we both agree it would transform collegiate sports. I just can't think of an argument against it. I I understand the argument for it. I do completely understand it, especially when we're looking at YouTube. Yeah, and in fact, I think the University of Texas would benefit the most. Out of all that they would. They would immediately overnight become a top five team again. They have the deepest pockets, so they would. Yeah, There's no doubt about it a long one, and I hate it. Longhorn fans should embrace this. Well, if you want a winning team is the thing is well, that winning team Field. Will it feel the same? Will that pride feel the same or will it? You know what Well, will it not? I don't know. A lot of this is gonna be white and see what happens. I don't know. I forgot one winning a national championship feels like Yeah. Hey, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick on Fox just a few minutes ago, and we'll get to your NC double eight calls on hold there in just a minute. But Dan Patrick says Texas lawmakers will strengthen security of elections. Even though the critics have been lying about the contents of the legislation that's being considered here in Austin. So get this. We passed Senate Bill seven out, which is not about voter suppression. See the left has changed voter suppression. They're replacing voter security. With that term, We passed a strong bill. That's voter security. We haven't changed anything. We still have two weeks of early voting, where expanding hours that people can vote. Everything that's being said is an absolute lie by the left, But American Airlines had the audacity. Call my office last week and talk to my chief of staff and say We just won't let you know that this isn't personal against the lieutenant governor or the governor, but we're coming out against Senate Bill seven. And They then said. Now we haven't read the bill and my chief of staff said, Well, how about the CEO? Is he read the bill? No, he hasn't read the bill. So the nerve of American airlines like these other corporations as Dan Crenshaw, my good friend said earlier, coming in and getting their nose in politics that they don't even take the courtesy and time to read a bill. And so I do take it personally, I take it personally on behalf of the 18 senators who voted Republicans who voted this out, and the governor supports because when they talk about voter suppression, know what they're really talking about. Whether must be racism there you're trying to keep people of color down on so sick in America is sick, Brian off every issue its border Republicans for or against an issue. Well, it's racism. How we got out the vaccinations, racism, education, health care, Every issue is racism. It has to stop its device of its In this country and we're gonna pass this bill and we'll have strong support This bill that voter security in Texas man said, just like a former radio talk host right there. Beautifully done. Beautifully done. You disagree with no, I do not agree. You made this point. Quite well Jump in here at 51283605 90 toll free 8775905525. Yeah, He's absolutely right. It it zips, sir. And if that is true that American Airlines hasn't even read the bill. It's just that they feel they need to do this for their Own image. That's that's sad. That's really unfortunate. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know what the wind is for them. I don't know how they benefit for Andrew. Good morning. All right. How's it going, guys? Fine. S so I didn't. I've gone back and forth on this college student getting paid or not, And first, I was completely against it because you know, I was thinking. Looks free Food free dorm all this stuff, you know, scholarship. That should be more than enough. But then I kind of looked into it. Some. There's athletes that you know, don't get to go anywhere. Don't get to do anything. Families don't really get to see him very much because they can't afford to travel back and forth. I think you know if they could make a little bit of money they should be able to and honestly. If they're making money. This early athletes go broke after they're done playing sports. Maybe this will help him learn a little bit of responsibility with the money as well or taking and making more money than I thought. Nice thought. What do you mean? Well, some will someone so well, that's obvious. Yes, Some will. Some won't you don't even give him the opportunity. You don't want to have the opportunity to make money thing is I don't think they have been did not now going forward. They will feel they're being denied something. In the past. It wasn't about the money. It was about the thrill the honor or whatever you want to call it, and But now it's going to be about something else. So I don't think I think it's gonna happen. Bottom line is the athletes have the leverage because the law is on their side. Oh, the law's on their side. As far as what a man he can't make a living again. Who got who went to college to make a living. Who did Everybody know you go to college to get the knowledge to make a living too? No, I'm talking about why you're in college. You don't go to college to make a living while you're in college it now we will. I mean one. What's this started? The argument started. It's done. It's done. I don't have a problem with this Big powerhouse university, the University of Texas with With their their motto of what starts here changes the world and how they've affected the American psyche over the past 20 years, and now they were, You know, they're they're upset that they may have to pay some of these men and women. You know, I just I can't come up with the argument that says no. You should continue. As is sorry. Young men and woman. You can't make money here. E just have a hard time with that. I mean in the University of Texas. What? What? I'm sorry. You can't make money here. Well, that used to be accepted that used to just that's what itwas and it was kind of dumb to know. No. No, it wasn't. It kept kept it. It kept it pure and kept it. You know about the sport itself about the sport itself. In about pride, it kept about pride. Ah, Now it is really me about pride. Or is it going to be about Nike and Reebok and some cash? It's always been about Nike, Reebok and some cash. No, no, that is the onl E reason why the University of Texas wants to win a national championship Now, now, always every year from the very beginning, And so the sun sure goal is to win a national championship. Elevate your profile to get more money. More tuition from kids elevate the profile so we could make more money That's always been UT Well, I know, I know. But the corporate aspect of it did not exist back when all the all the uniforms were bought through Rooster Andrews down the street supporting a local company. It's It's a whole different ball game if you will now and so I know. I know I can't stop it. And it xgo going to happen. But Sandy on my pack. Good morning. Really unfortunate. Hey, Sandy, I'm sorry. We're up against the clock here. I apologize. Ah, listens. Give me the signal. Can you hang on? Hang on right there, Sandy. It is 8. 55 Year, it K l B. J. Todd and don show my good friends of Cedar Park overhead doors. 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