Ryan Gable, Italy, Hitler discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Jupiter the sun the moon. I know that Aries is involved here. And as I said earlier, it's just interesting how you know a five hundred year old quad trained from no stir 'Damas seems to fit and that is it was first reported that when you when you look at all the things that have been happening all of the the fires the problems they all begin on Aries earthquakes. The nineteen th quick happened on April fifteenth, I believe Titanic, of course, Hitler down the list of all these things that happened on that date. It says here quad trading one five one the head of Aries Jupiter and Saturn got eternal what changes can be expected. That means big changes are coming following along century. We just finished the twenty twentieth century were now long into the next decade or the twenty twenty twenty s it says here following along century evil will return France. And Italy, what emotions will you undergo? And of course, the French church coming down. I'm sure a affected Italy. Because of course, the Romans, and then the in the Roman Catholic church just seems to me that we're in the middle of some sort of a signal that something big is going down when you say Ryan. Remember also in revelation, twelve a great sign appeared in heaven woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. That is your rope of the European Union is not if it is. That's why. They created the European Union star cluster. It was to be the the coronal the crown of the woman that scene in the heavens, the crown of ISIS. The crowd of Mary crown of tar Easter Istar coming up some weird stuff happening out of Steed in Texas. High speed you're on with Ryan Gable? Yeah. Hey, quite before. I get to the main point told your screener. I wanted to talk about belly just contribute to your expressive numerous import by referring to William Butler Yeats Cohen the second coming. With that. And of course, Carl Jung's essay on. Because in a sense. That's kind of what you're describing Ryan and. Kind of set the tone for for what I want to contribute to young packing. All the symbolism with is in the in several dos bulls. Ask him after about the end of the day when they asked him what all these signs be. He told him the parable, which is kind of spiritual corollary to follow the money. And he told them where the Voltaire's are whether daddy there you will find the body and you'll Ryan of both made copious references to Notre Dom being the courts the body. I mean, there's been a lot of anatomical connotation here. But what what I really want to get to whether or not. These are the the results of mortal agency or not they're definitely as you have have kind of expressed the. Agency, spiritual of forces, which I would kind of say from a hermetic standpoint or in accordance with the axiom of as above so below and has called young pointed out quite a deadly. We have long been in the age of the abomination. What we're seeing now or the spiritual demand that material manifestation of the candidate of the incomes because if you're paying attention to the geo political seen what we've got going on now is reaching the point of no retirement with the Middle East. Declaring moving the American embassy to Israel to resume and Benjamin Netanyahu's express express desire to to and ex Golan Heights. Which has anybody would bring knows will be the point of no return to any diplomatic peaceful solution a belief complex conflict. The final final note I want to contribute packing here is I'm glad Ryan mentioned malay- and speaking about the Aries symbolism. It was good. So some of prince written charges against as that he was leading a group of a Kabul of Loucif, Aaron or illuminate worshiping of a ram headed. Of course, you know, who is. And didn't know was he more. They're not dumb. But the the the fact was that part of the charges were extensively that he was leading the Kabul beneath these sub terrain in any subterranean wears these states. Yeah. Thank you for saying that thank you so much for saying that I was gonna say Solomon's stables were used for the crusades and ever used.

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