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Fast starts this year first quarter is a matter of fact the only quarter which they've outscored their opponents now at forty eight twenty eight after that touchdown put him up seven nothing here once you get the football back to mall Agnew back D. here is the run up in the kick by Carlson Rumer Chernobyl six yards deep making the cats take your back on that line office led by that the drug like radio network the call when he got a call saying this will be being with the past thirty years in the NFL has given up two hundred eighty five yards a game with the top five we see but we had a we sued the tribal tech the second area from the old twenty five on first down staff for the for the center for the nation behind here Matthews got it turns the tide Johnson Johnson just wait your whole across the thirty the thirty four yard line eleven nine on first down to the second one nice job I can clap his charges ran right behind him the way because of a vice good job of giving very Taylor this free this drive in the job make the tackle for the raiders of the safety position do so with the second one for the lines for the world thirty four down seven nothing in the first the Senate single back to Johnson gets recalled Johnson that outside gets the first down the thirty seven yard line we are game in a press down this line at all what about this one the so called third party which is half of the office of gore would be October so that these would be the hold that attack the only attacked the whole run with the ball during the middle of the defensive line for these waiters and Johnathan Hankins we talked about earlier also PJ hall in there close down several roles like most dentists offices the fifty yard line get the forty nine yard line of Oakland that is a fourteen yard game this early in the game hi this football what will have opportunities he's a hot yeah tropical room with a lot of that I just don't see that being done today McKissick anti Johnson each in their hope to one side of Stafford number two six without wide like push the deadline for the Oakland forty nine sap without a gun he's got one of those is Johnson with it again is what it is by Eric areas so you don't want to put the players all your you have to do what but the rate is one of life's the book also one leaves the lines with the second at eleven for me in the back your staff for the for the center Matthew Thursday to give the kids a gold pocket like that don't he was pulling the only who was room forty seven yard talk about your all the ball because like you said it was a Bob Dole Bob or that is with this stuff by one one on the line now first and goal from the three down seven nothing knocking on the door Stafford turns takes the Johnson looks looks with one to get him to go to the second and goal from the three see a problem with the ball this year the five the five yard line you don't want to hear about the one that sold the first thank you for the total will sit down please moving in behind center they go back hi John second goal from the three secretaries Johnson date the line of scrimmage stop it'll be third and goal the line is these basically built up Johnson one eighties and gold from the staff would work it out of the gun the raiders rose it'll be more than go to the line keep their office on the field all time to get the ball for JT but that that is what polls to please not just about the lions rolled the dice here it is four and gold from the two yard line seven he works out of the gun Margaret Jones there are two point away from Marvin Jones that was the story that Dr brought a lot of he was able to stand up for you not a lot more but the call blues he was able to set the bowl with the with the protection the yeah there is no way about the with the far more of a late night saw all those who want to rip the job Joe was there a worldly on the play got the thumbs up from up stairs were ready for the extra point here we go big time answer by the Detroit line offense revenue boxes there is one in the whole way is up it is good we got a seven seventy eight the line's offense looks good early couple promising drives one unfortunately ended with the fall but that ends with a touchdown we are all tied up here in.

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