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Board onto the right wing brought into an auto shop took off high off the glass goes after his rebound behind the net battle for the puck and said ahead by craig smith to kyle turris nice to battle his way in iran where softy did not succeed there avs with the pass down the right wing dumped into the zone by tony nado reversed by sue ban echo biala stopped by berry now comes out for kyle tourists and tourists floats it in off the boards back the avalanche goal left their tyson berry challenge then hit by craig smith joel hanson for smith low left circle smith's shot hit the outside of the post has forsberg tried to get to the rebound now joe hanson in the corner took it away from gabriel born to the blue line ellis left side yosi fakes as copper came out to jack kemp now you'll see kerry's bright side back and feed i then it did on the try by philip morris burs i thought smith had the first one it's true too i don't know how smith missed the first one is a beautiful shot what a play that was from rome and yosi though he starts off on the left point does a little spinner emma to avoid the four checker and the ford coming out at him and he goes around a quick exchange with ryan ellis and a backhand pass to a one timer from craig smith standing in the slot forsberg desire for the screen that goes off the post and then i believe forsberg knocks it in i was a little concerned about a high stick because it forsberg swung at it but i think in the end it waited till it landed and then for his birkhead for getting a gritty goal there off a beautiful play from roman yosi this setup craig smith number nine fours bird assisted on the play by number fifteen greg.

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