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Thank you. Are you remind everybody who's going to Michelle Obama tonight'd excel centre the bags you have to? It's like NFL stadium. Rules for begs. You can't bring oversize bags or backpacks. They if you can bring a clear bag, but they can go to the exile website, and they give size of bags, otherwise, you're. You have to throw them away or Bush outside of the excel the him in Asia. Banks people through their handbags in the garbage or they hid them breath around the place. So it's just a good reminder. Yes. Tonight. Okay. So just a little couple of Hollywood note. So Julia Roberts center, stylists are covering the Hollywood. Reporter Danni has posted the photo. It's a it's a series of stars. Yes. I know their advice giving their advice, but Julia Roberts in her Silas. They were dishonored at the L women. She's worked. These two women have worked together to like this winter Julius wearing Victor and Rolf gown that looks like it's party on the bottom in Sturgis. Davidsson motorcycle. Tap tap is a bald eagle. It's beyond. It's beyond tragic. It's probably like a six thousand dollar gown that you could make yourself. So anyway, that's an interesting fashion choice for the cover because. Julia has really had a good, you know, she showed up at the award show because she was getting nominated for one of the Ben movies. Yeah. That is back then is back. But. Better award season this year than we've seen in her. Silence. I think their choices have been risky. Yeah. So this is interesting. She looks happy. They'll acute nappy, they do and Amal Clooney, you know, she and George they were two of the biggest names in attendance resonated, a Buckingham Palace in her honoring Prince, Charles signature charity the Prince's Trust. He hosts gal all the time. And it's the largest charitable foundation for the UK concentrating on the arts and giving scholarships and loans to young British artists and actors something urged plenty would love, but he and mall a mall was fake laughing. But in the photos, I George Clooney was Kerr acting up Prince Charles who I think it'd been having drinks with his mother prior to getting there because he's very red in the face like a red glow. But he's absolutely cracking up. And she's wearing most gorgeous two thousand and seven John Lewis Shera dress. She looks she really is stuff superstar in evening wear. She really is. And she's tall. And she's a hang. Beautiful. Yeah. She is absolutely beautiful. And and other people who were there. I guess they're embassador for the Prince's Trust bendy benefit comebacks, Josh Hartnett looks yet have gorge sex. Tito, he's married to an English act. Yes. Three ended up. So anyway, so if you wanna take at look at either of those photos, and then the real estate drama that we've been following for at least the last three years in Beverly Hills. Is it the big place that Katy Perry's trying to buy from the nuns? No, okay is a Muhammed's place. Yes. The father of GDP umbrella Anwar ex husband of your lawn. He has had he's been fighting with the Beverly Hills city council neighbors everybody because he's trying to build a hotel in the middle of town, basically. Yeah. Well, guess what? I mean, he's had like his he's got all the money. Of course. Remember when we met him last four seasons. It took six quarterly sales. Beverly Hills took six court hearings for Hadid's attorneys LA city, lawyers and attorneys from the department of building and safety to come up with the demolition plan that he finally agreed to and the neighbors are going. The starship enterprises coming down Histon knocked down. He's to take down the whole third floor that he added on this police, my pool and the pool deck because without permits. I love it. Yeah. This is this is good. This is good. The people of on a hillside in Bel Air and people like now, lacking view views and just put up this. It really does the show drone photos of this place sticks out like a sore thumb. It's absolutely enormous is so huge mega mansion that makes a million happy that the people have run the people of one the neighbors are very excited. He did tell the judge. I. I will do this. I will adhere to your orders. But if we continue to have heavy rain, it could delay the demolition, and we might have to ask for an extension. So it has to be done by may fifteenth the poodles to be down by September. Well, and they are having heavy rain. So you get that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No explosives bulldozers, and they have to put a big huge planking and concrete to keep anything from going downhill to the neighbors. Listen, Jay, this is really unbelievable. We've followed. This has been in the Beverly Hills the little newspaper Beverly Hills career that we get every January and every January for the last three years. He's been front-page fighting it Friday. Yeah. Anyway, all our aid. So the starship enterprises coming down. And all the Boeings in the United States. The they've been grounded 737 amps and nines, so yeah, that's good that they did gosh who wants an accident and the waiting for the black box to get somewhere to someone who is expert to deal with what went wrong in those two flights that went down to now. What do you think about Matt Lauer the woman he had an affair with a consensual affair started at the socio Winter Olympics twenty four team went on for several months. She used to be Meredith Vieira's former assistant he had the affair with him, which I disagree. Okay. Maybe it was the thing that led to NBC terminating his twenty five million dollar contract. But NBC new for a long time that Matt Lauer had consensual affairs with with people who were below him. So I kind of object to her being like, she's the fall person for his bad behavior. But she is shot. Shopping a book after she adamantly wanted to remain anonymous needs money Hollywood, speak it. She needs money because probably she's having a hard time getting hired. We don't know that. Oh, I think so whistle blowers and people who have consensual affairs and small media thing. Oh, they just you know, I can see her Gabby true hard time getting hired because they're like, oh, you know, she's gonna come around. And you know, and she did tell and Eli gave is a consensual affair. But then they kept uncovering all the consensual as well as the non consensual. She went to Andy lack at NBC on November twenty second. He was fired November twenty eighth. I guess. Okay. So do so besides wanting to read it Laurie. Why don't even know if I want to read it? But I think you know, it depends on you know, I I hope she sells her her book idea shopping at right now. No one no one has bought it known is offered an interest. She's probably just like. Is you can see how it would have been Matt Lauer would have been hard to resist, and maybe she's got some lessons that she wanted. She wants to share because it's not like this is a new story in the way. Shafter was a tell all versus this was my experience in. Here's what I've learned the daily mail's page there. She really wants to share what she's learned tell. Yeah. I think it's both. I think it's both when you do this kind of a story because I mean, you got to take a good hard. Look at yourself in the mirror like what the hell was. I think exactly I mean. That's the thing. Anytime you do a member you're going to have to tell some warts and all story if it's going to be good. I have no problem with her doing it may she get. Two hundred thousand dollars from. Randomly when they're not publishing school bucks. And then Andrew richly is going to do a memoir he of them. About that. Yes. I saw this yesterday. I think this would be excuse never talked. He's never it's going to be three hundred twenty pages. Wham George and me, I love this idea. I do too. I wanna know. I mean, George Markle's no longer with us. And I would like to know the stories, I guess my thing with the Matt Lauer, we're now is he's he's paid the price Laurie. He is lower than a man on a dime. And she has a right to tell her story though, why should her story? Be squashed. I just let me finish my thought process because it would hurt his kids. What he's already heard his kids. He's hurt his kids. I understand that. But I guess I it doesn't hurt his already been done. Joe's fine. Daddy. That's too.

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