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Smartphones in digital cameras have made us all photographers pretty good photographers it's way easier to come up with a picture i like when i'm not worried about how much film i've got left there was a time back in the 70s when the idea of a digital camera was simply that an idea an idea with the potential to upend an entire industry here's the latest instalment in our series holidays brought to you by imagine a wonderful time brought to you by my name is steve sampson and i worked for eastman kodak company for over thirty five years i began in july of 1973 i was a junior engineer my supervisor said we've got a filler job for europe there is a new type of imaging device call the charge couple device immature we want somebody to look at one of these and see if we can do anything useful work our conversation probably lasted about thirty seconds maybe the device itself is a small piece of silicon that you expose with light and whatever sort of immature light pattern is enriched on that surface creates a corresponding charge pattern figured well if i'm going to measure how this thing does something i sort of have to look at the output in the best way to look at the output is to select capture each pixel and turn it into a number digitization so there started thinking well okay a really what i'm doing is capturing an image so i was building a camera.

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