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I'm your host stand elman. Thanks so much watch for watching. Here's what's coming up in this week's edition of out of the gate. Daily racing form handicappers. Mike Beer Craig mcaliskey and I will take a look at three major graded stakes races Gulfstream Park on Saturday. A couple of them with possible Pegasus World Cup Day implications the Fort Lauderdale stakes on the turf. The Harlan's holiday steaks on the main track going a mile and a sixteenth the rampart for fillies and mares going a flat mile Nicole Rousseau's got a pedigree pick segment for you. David our gone of time for them. US is going to spotlight the rampart. Plus best bet sources to watch and lots lots more so let's break out of the gate we'd be getting out of the gate with our horse. Watch segment our colleague criminal. Cow Ski is spotlighting a four year old to follow in two thousand twenty. My Horse Watch this week is going to be looking at bikinis. The the Chad Brown three-year-old has always been promising. Cody one is debut. It too had a layoff before he came back in early summer at Belmont and robbed again in any was I jumped up into stakes competition. He went off the favourite and Kirwin stakes. Didn't he ran. Okay that date in rump. Particularly great then tried the travers. Even tougher company didn't run at all but since then he's regrouped. They went to keeneland. He won an allowance race nicely. And what I really liked to assist Cigar Mile I think he ran a better than look forth earth he got a career best time for. US speed figure of one twenty two he had previously run one twenty and his twenty nineteen debut in that race. I mentioned Belmont and and I actually think he was up a little bit closer to the pace any probably wants to be for his best efforts. so looking at bikinis I think is is a promising horse as we move into twenty twenty twenty I fully expect them to become a stakes winner and not just a stakes winner but a graded stakes winner. My to watch is a two year old. Who just ran last Saturday at Cigar Mile at Akwa Doctor Moon over Miami is his name Bill? Maher said a very very good year with this two year old so far in twenty one thousand nine. Here's another one. Let's look at Moon over Miami. This is a second career start going a mile. He debuted sprinting and it just looks like a race that he really needed. He is from the family of multiple grade. One winner music note wrote And this this is took a big step forward and his second start. He's track the pace from the outside. He takes it over and midstretch. And he's GonNa power clear. At the end eighty-two Beyer speed figure I think it compares very favourably with a two year old stakes race. They ran later on the card. This horse might have a future for Mr Maat very impressive performance and as you say there's something in the water with those. My two year olds they are firing on all cylinders in twenty nine thousand nine hundred. My horse watches at Laurel. It's a two year old. Filly named Hello Beautiful. She has won her last. Three dirt starts starts by open lengths. I didn't expect this. Though last time out in the Maryland Juvenile Filly Championship. She blasted right to the front. It was her first time going seven furlongs and she just keeps keeps on rolling along. And that's a nice philly and Miss Jane Mackay that she's putting in her place is going to win this race by almost twelve lengths with a ninety five beyer speed beat figure for Brittany and Sheldon Russell. Now she's going to probably take the rest of the winner off and we'll see her in the early spring but this is affiliated watch at shorter distances next year. Her she's by the good regional stallion. Golden Lad at a vote is now mayor and this Meli Maryland bred has a ton of early speed. I'm curious to see with the winner off. If if she comes back mature bigger and better and that's a scary proposition. Let's get to some handicapping. The Fort Lauderdale is your Saturday d. r. f. race of the day. Hey let's throw up the field for Saturday's D. R. F. Race of the day it's great to two hundred thousand dollar fort. Lauderdale stakes is going the mile and an eighth on the turf carded his race number. Nine at Gulfstream you can access free four related past performances for this race on the race of the day event. Page for expand and stakes previews of many of the major stakes races all weekend long visit video dot D. R. F. dot com or the daily racing form YouTube channel or colleague. Craig mcaliskey likes the Horse. That's got plenty of figs. Let's here's analysis in the great to Fort Lauderdale stakes are time for mu the US space projector actually has a race that has no speed label. There's just no horses who have shown consistent early speed enough to have a running style of leaders speed or even as a tracker so in that case I think there's a horse whose particularly suited to take advantage of that and that is channel cat. I now channel Cat hasn't won in a while. He's lost three times in a row but they were all losses in grade ones including the last time where he lost the Breeders Cup turf. You finished seventh but he was only beaten two and a half affluence that day. But what I find intriguing about him is a couple of things. First off. Ee is probably the classiest horse in the field. He comes in with the best speed figures in the race the time for them. US speed figures. And when I look back at the bowling green at Saratoga think he faced a very similar setup. I was of race without a lot of speed. He he was able to seize commander that race early and take them wire-to-wire and I don't see any reason he can't do it again for here. So for that reason channel Cats my selection the Fort Lauderdale. I think I'll go against the favorites in this race. I wanted a horse so I felt like could get forward early in this spot and to me. That's a horse Maybe March so the nine nine could could really get the right trip in this. They're just not a lot of speed and here. This source has plenty of tactical speed. Even though he's cutting back in distance we're GONNA put up a replay of a graded stakes win for the source to starts by keeneland going a mile and a half. He said a perfect trip in this race. He's going to take it over in the stretch and really finish this race off at the end with a nice run. I thought he ran really well and here art show. He's just to me really improved. Since Mike makers taken over and going back to his last start at accurate I think it looks worse on paper than it is. He just to me never got comfortable in. That race was not in the right spot when it mattered and then he just came up empty at the end of the race. I think he's better than the last race and they've got a better trip in this race than he did last last time at ten to one on the morning I almost feel like I have about this horseback. I think Mike said a mouthful of the pace situation in this race. There is no speed and that terrifies me because my top selection admission admission office is admittedly a one run closer. We're going to go all the way back to the dixie stakes on the preakness undercard here. He is last on the rayle turning into the stretch and this trip just doesn't work out. He's in behind horses. He's looking for a seem he's trying to pick his way through. He's eventually going to dive down towards is the inside and he is going to finish with a lot of interest and in his subsequent starts I think he has been compromised by traffic issues by pace issues. And that's always going to be the problem with a one run closer. This horse does have some ability however he is lightly raced. I still think there is another Ford move in him. He just needs a little bit of pace to set up his kick. And that's what I'm hoping for admission office. My Top selection in Fort Lauderdale our good friend Nicole. Russo has a pedigree pick segment. Let's go to war right now. Hey Everyone Nicole Russo. Coming here for this week's pedigree handicapping segment on out of eight if your pedigree Righi Klay me. The My charmer on Saturdays Gulfstream Card is particularly fun. Here's the field for the one mile race for fillies and Mares on the Turf Defend S. you parse through UC several European styles represented the legendary Australian Sire. fastnet rock is the sire of take these change change we've got Argentina represented and of course Mitchell road is a half to Kentucky Derby Winner Country House so a lot of fun things in this field the old but for the purposes of pedigree handicapping. We're going to zero in on a horse. Trying something new and what her parentage might say about her because that's where it can be effective three year old beechwood Allah will be running a mile for the first time she did win at seven and a half furlongs in Europe but scored her only win in the US at five furlongs in fact on this Gulfstream. Course we'll take a look at that Beechwood. Ella is from the first crop of no. Oh name never a sprinter whose best full so far have been sprinters such July Cup winner. Ten Sovereigns Coventry winner Arizona however no never is by classic Sire Scat at a No nevers daughter Neyla Successfully stretched out to win the Mrs Rivera Churchill. So not out of the question that he could get middle distance horse with the right female family and that might be what you get with Beechwood. LS damned Hamas Ugge. She wanted a mile all three of her other winners have wanted a mile or beyond including Thia won at distances up to two miles over hurdles and one in a mile and a half. This is the family of multiple group one winning mater sock he famously second in the Breeders Cup classic to Tis now now. There is a class question here at this Philly. I think there are some nice phillies in mayors in the Maya shower but I don't think Beechwood L. B. and and it will be a result of the distance in backed her blend of speed over stamina in her pedigree might smile or another sort of elongated. It's sprinters middle distance. Perfect for her. Thanks for tuning in this weekend. Out of we'll be back with more on Saturdays Gulfstream card after this break. Are you a horse player looking to raise your game for over a hundred and twenty years expert handicappers have relied on daily racing form as there must have source for news in data featuring exclusive buyer. Speak figures time form. US pace bigger and integrated replace. Diaz Ref formulator is the most powerful handicapping tool on the market kit. Today go to dot com slash formulator and header go. Dr FTP to get your first card. Free Dr Dot Com. Raise your game. Storm from racing. Blew a breakthrough in sports nutrition for horses. Welcome back to out of the gate. Let's throw up the field for the Harlan's holiday stakes could be an interesting listing local. Prep for the Pegasus World Cup later in the Gulfstream Championship meeting this race car is race number ten on Saturday. Great three one hundred grand or a mile and a sixteenth for expanded stakes previews a many of the major races all weekend long please visit video dot dot com or the daily racing form Youtube Channel. Second Choice on the morning line Mike but of course the Mike off a little bit longer is war story is close to three million dollars in career earnings. He is just a hard and heavy hitter. Yeah I think you might see them drift up in price a little bit and we'll see what happens. Thinks he's got plenty of backlash plenty of back races. That would make him a contender in here. I guess the question is you know how is he going to handle the shorter distance and is quite as good as he once was back earlier in his career we have a replay right now. We'll look at his most recent start to Greenwood Cup at Parks this is going a mile and half. This is what they like to do. Now is go a little bit longer with with them not as best race Dan but tell you what he shows that he's still a fighter. It shows still a fighter. Marconi the winner of the Brooklyn is on the outside. And we're story was involved in do with him him. He puts more coney away but this long shot on the outside adventist is going to run him down. lakey still can fight. He still okay. We know we can handle a mile in eighth on his very best day. He's got plenty of back. Races are incredible Hausky as a horse that is plenty of back races especially at Gulfstream. Let's go to his analysis on the Harlan's holiday the heartland tolliday stakes. Looks like a two-horse contest to me between the three-year-old Bodey expressing the four year old prince. Lucky most people.

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United States, Fort Lauderdale, Gulfstream Card discussed on Daily Racing Form

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