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Well we, need to discuss the tragedy The death on the highway Maine. Brunswick, Maine on August twenty second A truck crashed along route, one and you didn't hear about this, but there were thousands killed. About, forty, five hundred exact what. Happened Well a truck carrying seventy crates of live lobsters about. Seven thousand pounds of lobsters crashed lobsters are destroyed about, forty. Five, hundred of. Those lobsters died that sixty five thousand dollars worth destroyed so there, was lobsters or as they say in, Maine lobster yeah. Lobster lobster Mainers and their accents incredible less it so. If the truck flipped over, that six five thousand dollars worth of lobsters as I said well pita. Now would like to put one of those memorials up, to. Mark, the deaths Yeah I knew this whole roadside memorial thing was going to come to an untimely. End I knew it was going to go to ridiculous and we have just hit that point here it. Is this is where we're jumping the shark. Here they would like to set up a five foot tall memorial for the. Lobsters All right Memorial would have urged drivers passing by to try vegan and and included a lobster etched on the front of this of this memorial that they want. To erect but signs can be no longer a no larger than four feet by eight feet according to. The rules and yesterday this was shot down by officials from the department. Of transportation they denied a request from Petah to erect immemorial tubes down to memorialize the lobster. Roll, over I I would assume that most of these memorials pointed at me. And giggled Lobster rollover come okay anyway go ahead But most of these roadside memorials I don't think that they go through the. Department of transportation to get permission anyway it's usually a grieving, family that, goes out and puts a, you know across pictures, and, teddy bears like kind of thing yes that they put on the side of the road and they stay there for a little while and they start to get kind of the little Warren looking. And. Somebody comes. And. Takes, them down They said not. In that section. They say the request was rebuffed because signs of all kinds including the one requested by pita. A not allowed on that particular portion of the highway okay well look it is a tragedy when you lose that. Much lobster I'm with pita on that I mean because sure, think about, how many delicious Maine lobsters, were removed from circulation, they, just got crushed under a truck and they're gone and nobody gets to eat them that's not fun that is kind of sad because you need them to be alive up until the last second Lobsters are delicious I know I don't. I don't, wanna know how it, gets there I don't want to know how it gets to, my plate I'm one of those people I don't tell me I just want it's delicious. It's. All, I, know don't tell me how it gets there I mean. They they they you know. The cool, thing is they get to be part of the cooking experience you get. To talk to the lobster ahead of dinner have you ever done that have you ever. Cooked a lobster. Yes I have you have I can't do it I've had stuffed lobster and it was delicious I can by the lobster tails already cooked But I I can't. I would wind up with a pet lobster I. I know you would definitely you name it When when I was a, kid very quick story when. I, was a kid. We went down to shore yeah and we would we would go. With my cousins because my parents. Had no money so. We went to a motel they had? Them Oliver why would cross town in jersey shore and they had. All these old motels from the fifties and sixties so we were there, in the seventy. S and when we were there they weren't retro they were just old and you could get an efficiency which. Had one bedroom that had a Queen size bed they put, a rollaway cut at the bottom of. The bed and then there was a pullout couch so that's how we will get five people in this tiny little thing and it. Had an, efficiency would have won like two burners and How many lobsters my father brought boxers from my mother cooked and kept. Them in the baths in the bathroom in the tub and they crawled out of the tub and it was a big best, but my mother couldn't bring. Herself, to put the. Lobsters in the pot of boiling water real so what does she. Do with my father has do. It into the wall, okay and then she couldn't be in? The room because they're banging against the pot and so she could. She's like no they're trying to get out I can't do this and, she left and. I think that's why to this day I could never cook live lobsters because I remember my mother just just. So upset about the entire experience you're from a test I, was traumatized I could never do it. Okay well the key is not to name them that that's a good, place to start don't keep them in the bathroom for a while Once. You start personifying them then it becomes more difficult Well have you come over and I'll..

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