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Is KOMO news. How will you know Friday night when all the? Maybe Friday afternoon when all of the guys from the Chicago auto show, all the PR representatives the presents the vice president's the manages the CEO's CFO's and the chief marketing officers a win home. They thought that's it. We're done with the Chicago auto show. We've done all Pau. We've introduced fabulous new product. And we've shown everybody. How amazing we are. And what amazing things we can do little did Jim Morrison? No that I was going to steal his Sunday back to talk about the new ram trucks. Hi, jim. I'm good. You thought it was over. But it's not. There's a lot of excitement from what went on in Chicago and have to keep that going here this weekend. So it seems to be the Chuck companies are really rampant it up. It's like this. Did you guys just trying to outdo each other? And I'm seeing things I didn't expect to see first of all let's talk about that new tailgate that you announce the Chicago auto show. I don't think there's ever been a tailgate split sixty forty and swings open has there on a truck had. No, we we call it the the ram multi-function tailgate. And you know, it's one of those things that when you spend a lot of time putting things in your truck. You're always trying to think of how to make it a little bit better air short pulled it off with this new multifunction tailgate. So it works like a normal tailgate would drops down. Stanford feature drops down nearly normal tailgate does two thousand pound you can drive onto onto it. Whatever you need to do. And then or if you want to you can open it up like barn doors with sixty forty now that's a great way to access your bid. If you've got a big trailer on the back or if you just want to jump back up. Into it. There's a nice little step, and it makes it really easy to get in and out of the bed. Now multifunction tailgate you use these trucks referee alive from what I made me smile. An awful lot is really real life examples when you're out on your farm having to load hay bales in the bag. You know, no longer have to drag him over the tailgate, exactly. My weekend last weekend. I had to move some hey from one side of the farm to the other because of the crazy weather we've had here in Michigan. It's nice to be able to have that extra two feet. You don't have to lift over, you know, and Bill Hayes only sixty seventy pounds. But you know, you do it ten times. I think it's nice to be able to throw the back and I'll have to lift over. So that's one of the solutions that this multifunction tailgate helps you survive with. It's still a little bit about the enjoyable -ness of this tailgate coming to market because we had a lot of people get excited about it. How long are they going to have to wait? And is it going to be a an expensive option, or is it going to be a reasonable option really quite reasonable ninety five for the gate and for the rim multifunction tailgate, and we can get it on every trim. So from tradesman straight on through until warns unlimited, and it's it's really easy to access that way. Nine ninety five you let it throw it into your monthly payment or release which is really good one of them from our dealers starting in about three weeks, we expect them to be at dealerships in Q two, and but the customers can Glendower dealerships, we know within just under three weeks in place in order for a new one. So my producer for Fox Sports. Stacey went and bought a ramtruck yesterday at a dealer in Minneapolis, if she wants to fit one she can have to wait for older of the truck or she going to have to she'd have to go and swap it out for another truck. Will you be able to retrofit to existing two thousand eighteen nineteen models workout solution? I don't know what it's going to be honest because there's some some reinforcements that happened in the in the box itself. I'm sure we'll be able to. But we're still working on that solution to tell you exactly when and our I'd have to get back on. All right. A lot of people who have ram trucks and love them dearly would like to make sure they can have that to that truck. Let's talk a little bit about the other big news that you had. Coming out of Detroit. We had a new twenty five hundred big truck for you best in class towing when you announced it the competition stepped out with two of their new trucks, heavy duty trucks, but you didn't leave it at just having the twenty five hundred in Detroit, you gave us a thirty five or forty five fifty five and a limited model at the Chicago auto show. Yeah, you know, a lot of water ram news in Chicago and kind of all year came into the shoot with crazy dog looking chasing horse here. A lot of news. We left works cargo was the was the chassis cab. So you're right. We we introduced the new heavy duty. So it'll it'll out power one thousand penalty of torque no brand new Cummins. Turbo diesel really cranking tortuous. The the most powerful engine highest torque in the segment, it'll tell everybody in the marketplace here today now thirty five thousand one hundred pounds.

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