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The heart of Dylan's point is look not doing it. They're going for it this year. Anything he does in terms of fracturing, the locker room or sitting out are holding out jeopardizes the Super Bowl run. All you go first. What do you think nonsense? No, the only thing that jeopardize the Super Bowl run is if he doesn't play for the Rams this year and he's not going to sit out the whole season. So to me, this is John. This is such a simple issue now we're going to keep talking about it. I'm sure we've been talking about for several years. The Rams as I understand it have made a very substantial offer to make him the highest paid defensive player in the league. I don't know how that fractures the locker room. I don't know if they made him some low ball offer that might fractured locker. What are they doing? They try to screw this guy over there. Not they made him an excellent offer. He just and maybe and I don't even blame him or his agents for this. They want to get more money. Okay, that's fine. But guess what? We're not going over this threshold, highest paid offensive player in the league. You got it. We love you. We said a negative thing about you. We've kept all doors open. We will give you any money back that you would have accrued in fine losses. I'm sure right they've, they've protected themselves and that standpoint. But if you're not gonna play ball with that. Okay, fun. Then just come in when you want and we will eventually franchise tag you. We get, we get the next three years of your prime and that he's twenty seven, right? So you can franchise all the way through. If you don't want to sign the contract fund, but you're not going anywhere. We're definitely not trading you somewhere to have you tear up the league elsewhere in us get stuff back. It isn't as good. So that to me is the very simple position, the Rams to play this. Right? And they will continue to. Your right in Dylan's wrong and Dylan's columnists. So it's his job to stir the pot. So I'm not even sure he feels strongly about this, but if he does, it's a staggering overreaction on his part. I've said this for the past couple of weeks. We had Lindsay theory who covers the Rams for ESPN for us on the show earlier in the week, and I said it to Lindsay. I don't think there's any incentive for Aaron Donald to come into camp, and I don't think the Rams care that he's not here. No, it's fine. I think. Okay. So what Aaron Donald is gonna work out every day. Did it last year? He he missed the first game last year, and he came in the second game and had a monster season. I don't as Rams fan. I don't not even sure I would want Aaron Donald to come into camp where he could only get hurt in a preseason game. There is no hurry here and to suggest that trading him would be in any way. Smart is not keeping an eye on the big picture. There is no player, none in all the football that you could trade Aaron, Donald four, and get equal value. He's that good plus you don't need anything. Your team is set up as if Donald is your nose tackle playing next dominating, sue. The NFL is not the NBA. The Spurs. The thing with coli that would have been an actual problem because not only he would have had. He could have left on his own as an unrestricted free agent the following year after the season, he could have ruined the chemistry and everything for the team. This season, he could have refused to show up like that. That is a situation in the NBA because the way the contracts are filtered that you have to listen if a player that strongly wants to believe. It's like what? What our friend Phil Mackey was telling us about Jimmy Butler. If things go sour Minnesota in Jimmy Butler sorts make the notion that he does not use not going to stay with the wolves after next year. And by the way he didn't sign a contract extension, right? That's different. The Rams again, have Donald locked in with thanks to the franchise tag, which may or may not be fair to players. Okay. That's a whole different discussion, but they are in control of that..

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