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Joe. Julia with you recapping a Phillies win tonight five to over the New York Mets Phillies move to seventy seven and seventy three. And if you're someone out there they want to hold onto a glimmer hope it until the Phillies are indeed eliminated. Well tonight was a good night for Phillies won the Braves lost again. And for the most part the last couple of months, I have been wrong in the Phillies. Finding a way to get out of the rut and making a run that doesn't look it's going to happen unless a miracle starts now. But I told you the whole time the Braves aren't very good and the Braves we're going to let the Phillies back in they while they've kind of trying right now the praise lose tonight big to the to the Saint Louis cardinals. The Braves lose again Phillies win it's a five and a half game deficit. We know these teams play each other seven times we'll get to that will get that. One more verse the Mets, but they would tonight and it was an important win for the standings was important when creep towards five hundred. It was an important win and try to win another series here. As the Phillies, we know had gone about five six weeks without winning a series before take it two out of three verse the Marlins now the opportunity tomorrow to take two out of three versus the Mets. Let's recap this one how it happened. If you're going to a game refine up the grill from city to shore acme has everything you need stop in today. And see why tailgating is better at acme your favorite supermarkets. So this one got off to not a great start for the Phillies. Top of the third inning. Stephen matt's. The opposing pitcher takes out era, Noah home, Ryan, we know Nola now last few starts, the home run bug is really gotten him. After the first five months of the year, barely given up any home runs. It feels like everything the ball flies up in the air. Now, it's going out on Nola. Stephen Matt's takes him out one nothing Matt's in ending later. Dominic. Smith would have doubled down the left field line kind of ricocheted off the wall and Hoskins didn't play properly that led to a run RBI double there for Dominic Smith. Switch to nothing Mets as we go in. Into the middle innings and the game was won in both half of the sixth inning for the Phillies, and it was one in part due to aggressive managing tonight by gave capital, which we're used to now in September. This is the way capital tries to manage whenever there's an opportunity to limit runs and be taking a picture out. He's going to do that using his big bullpen here. And the opposite way works the same way whenever they have a chance it feels like to score runs have the beginning. Whether it was the second inning on Saturday against the Marlins or tonight. It was the six he's going to use his depth and use the bench and attack. And when it works. It looks like tonight when it doesn't like burned all these players buffalo, blah one left for the ninth inning. And some of your best pinch hitters could be used early. Tonight. It worked it started in the top of the sixth inning. It looked like Nola was laboring. He was at one hundred and four pitches. The Mets had runners on base look at that point had given the Phillies it pretty good. Start the home run the double two runs. Not great. Not dominant but nine strikeouts. He had a guerilla curveball tonight. But it looked like he was teetering there. So kaplowitz you Pat Nisha back in the six in an early furnish. Check kind of an early hook for Nola. Good aggressive move. Nick walked the first battery face. But then struck out Wilmer Flores. So the game stayed there to nothing Mets. We go to the bottom of the sixth innings Santana. Walked by the way, Carlos on bass four times tonight. Erin al-tair hit by a pitch. That's when the move certify capital. He pinch hit. We'll ceremony for j p Crawford who was batting six tonight, which was an interesting and kind of puzzling spot for JP in the lineup. So Ramos who didn't start today was all farro night pitches for Crawford. The Mets went a lefty out there counter, which you're Smith right handed pitcher Ron gets the hit off him Basit to one the run scores. Their Santana's scores to make it to one floor. Ramon that comes into run for we'll Serano. So now, we're watching players get burned aggression all that in the sixth inning here. Now the big play of the game. Justin, bore comes up to hit for Scott Kingery. And this was a spot with the Mets then go to another lefty where they take out through Smith. The righty. They didn't. I thought it was a mistake. By Mickey Callaway, the Mets manager at least Smith's pretty good. So I'm not shocked. He showed some faith in there. But that's that's what the Phillies wanted the Phillies were playing for that to get bore up against a righty and a pinching spot. It worked board doubles down the left field line. Probably his biggest hit as a Philly. And then we had a big game down in DC before he hurt his his Blake. That was a pretty big hit down the left field line. So that tied the game at two two guys on base oil farro stepped up and crushed a three run home run L when he hits them. They go Phillies led five to and from there. The bullpen took over and did its job tonight Dominquez hunter narrows dominant tonight and not even a threat of really scoring. Any runs the Phillies win five two. They move to seventy seven. And seventy three and there are now twelve games left on the schedule. It's going to need maybe eleven or ten at least. But look there's a pulse right now. At least a tiny one for the Phillies as they had in the final stretch of the season. Eight eight eight seven nine ninety four ninety four pound nine four nine four. If you want to hop in react to the game Phillies Whitson I thought a really good game by Kappler and the guys came through. He put.

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Phillies, Mets, Dominic Smith discussed on SportsRadio 94WIP Nights and Weekends

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