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Not allowed to talk about whether or not somebody's citizen or not that doesn't sound so good to can you imagine you send out a census and you're not allowed to say, whether or not a person American citizen in Poland. They say they're either polish of they're not right. Well house committee is preparing to vote on whether to hold US attorney general William bar, and commerce secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt of congress in connection with the twenty twenty census NPR's Z long reports that after the vote the chair of the house committee could go to court to foresee ministration to release documents related to that, census the house oversight and reform committee is in a month, long dispute over Trump administration. Emails memos and other documents related to potential census question is this person a citizen of the United States? Justice department says President Trump has now claimed executive privilege over those documents the DO J previously refused to release portions of documents citing ongoing lawsuits. Attorney client privilege immigration has said it wants that citizenship question to better protect the voting rights of racial minorities. But recently uncovered documents of GOP strategy suggests the question could politically benefit Republicans, and non Hispanic white people on along NPR news. The democrat who chairs the house foreign affairs committee says administration. Decision to avoid congressional oversight on arm sales. Saturday, Rabia was a quote slap in the face the top State Department official field, many tough questions about that at hearing today as NPR's. Michele Keleman reports assistant secretary of state are Clark Cooper is defending the move to push through eight billion dollars in arms sales to Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries to counter threat from Iran house. Foreign affairs committee chairman Eliot angle calls it a convenient excuse to avoid oversight in congress, where many lawmakers are concerned about the Saudi led war in Yemen. There is no emergency. It's phony, it's made up, and it's an abuse of the law once again, attempting to cut congress out of the hope picture ranking Republican, Michael McCall says he hopes this was a one time exception. Michelle Kellerman, NPR news, the State Department, economically battered Flint, Michigan could be turning out more, heavy duty pickup trucks. General Motors today. The automaker announced plans to spend one hundred fifty million dollars to increase production of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra at its Flint assembly plant earlier this year. GM said it planned to hire a thousand people to work at it's Flint factory. No additional jobs are expected from the company's latest announcement. This is NPR news. From K, Q, E, D, new some Brian watt. A new report from the city of Sabah pool is pointing a finger at the management of local shopping center for failing to adequately. Respond to last winter's flooding. The report concludes the centers men are meant ignorant. A carefully laid out emergency plan to prevent the disastrous flooding of twos dozen upscale shops in February city manager. Larry McLaughlin, says the plan involves the installation of interlocking flood barriers. Well, looks like however was that they were not timely installed and not properly installed and in some cases, not in. Stalled at all the owner of the center. Barney Aldridge says the report has some inaccuracies. He says his staff, followed the plan and will now make changes to it to be better prepared. San Francisco's transbay transit center, which has been closed since crews discovered cracks in steel beams last September will reopen in three weeks. The agency that oversees the massive two point two billion dollar building says it will open back up on July first a panel of engineering experts has confirmed. The building was structurally sound and safe for service, San Francisco, mayor London, breed and Oakland. Mayor Libby, chef had requested the report from the independent group here, chef, I certainly don't just want to welcome the.

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