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Trading away TJ to clear, some salary and leader making deals to add veterans Dario. Saric. An Erin feigns now, Phoenix also drafted camp Johnson, anti Jerome. So do you feel the sun's draft night strategy was something, nothing or everything focusing on the draft pick? Cam Johnson because this is James Jones, real big. I move this first draft pick and it was like twenty picks higher than Jonathan Cavani for the projected him. And even his own college teammate. Wow, man. Wow, man jokes known basically as a guy who can shoot and shoot. Great. And not do everything else that great, which sounds to me a lot like James Jones. So this is going to everything at this is the hit awesome. If not bad nicknames champ. I love it. I think is everything. James old, former teammate of my like you said the champ. I think and I told you yesterday on the job, I'm I was real high on the guy Cal. I think he's, he's he has a major point and his Lee, and I thought he should have been lottery. You don't find shooters like he's the he's the issue in this drought. And I love the move by a choir. Oh, you socks from a from Minnesota. I think James Jones did a great job last night. And I think is everything shot out to champ, man. That was everything to me. That's right. I'm interested in them. Taking your Baynes who if you look at the Boston so defense of numbers this year when Aaron pains was hurt. Their defensive tempers were not good at when you're in Baynes was on the court. It was a no symbol, like almost crazy different. So I'm curious sort of, we're Boston's going from here and what he might bring to next. Next. The nine full reason he got tied to. So he got their basketball. I will you notice things like they're not the major stats. Live just. Well, thanks big difference. Let's talk about the wizards. They caught everyone off guard by grafting Louis hachi moron, number nine including where we your. Tomorrow the wizard still do not have GM apparently did not meet with or speak to Paci Maura before the draft later, some of the front office guys said we chatted with him like in the crowd at guns. Which is speaking to. But again, ROY says I didn't even know that they knew who I was. And now I've been drafted by them. Is it something nothing? Everything Kendrick inbetween is something in the reason it is some because I'm a fan of this guy..

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