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Of how to reconcile with our brothers in christ if we have any offense amongst each other and this guy do tweeted out. Instead of talking to his brother. Christ's he tweeted out kind of stoned. He says the josh mcdowell says this. I tweeted back at them. I'm kind of stunned. Basically that you just put josh mcdowell on blast rather than going to your quote unquote brother in christ. You know. it's sad and this has become injustice true in the church and it's a disgrace that a lot of christians are black before their christian. And i'm telling you if you go to a church like that you are sending walk out the door and you're damn right. I said it. Racism is saying you think racism only exist amongst whites. Ho the hell are you. If god created everyone if god created everyone of different colors. Who are you. Racism is a heart issue. It is not a skin itch. You this nonsense that you cannot be racist because you don't have our one of the dumbest things i've ever heard in my life is if god doesn't exist you know part of the problem is we always think of god in god so lovey dovey and he's this and that well he's also just and he's also righteous and he's also holy learned all of his attributes so you don't mess up the church this year to mark twenty years since nine eleven. The tondo towers foundation is giving two hundred mortgage free homes star and fallen first responder families with young.

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