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Government has decided to suspend with Ukraine's way too complex for you you to understand. Sometimes police say the man had died and when someone dies that is bad. Oh that's why starting Wednesday January twenty ninth. The onion will be launching the topical a New Daily News podcast hosted by me Leslie Price. We'll bring you the most relevant stories of the day. This trade war is just another pissing into each others mouth contest between world leaders and some. That hasn't even happened yet. Donald Trump announced placeholder here today and Insert Democrat here is insert emotion featuring in depth reporting. Just a a few moments of your time senator. Please go up to my wife with hard hitting questions. Is this the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. Yes it is and unparalleled analysis. Unfortunately unfortunately it looks like we're all GonNa die. I see bringing you the news other podcasts or simply too afraid to cover the join US each day and we'll hold your pathetic little hand through the endless cycle of bullshit. That is today's news from the onion and onion public radio. Oh this is the topical premiering Wednesday January twenty nine. We winded her roommate. Dies this so I remain died in between. Oh yeah seconds. sleepwalk she finds means the glove covered in maggots the maggots through her skin. Tell her that her roommate died because her roommate sneaks out wearing her shirt to go hook up with a guy right and the guy I was more interested in Jennifer Connelly than her daughter of a celebrity. Yeah he just wanted to hear about her but she seemed really nice. It was like she was like I think she was trying to set her up as like Babbit. She seemed really nice. Usually only nice one rounded friendly. Yeah yeah yeah she was like yeah. I have to watch her while she sleeps. Okay that's not holding you're still. Then she dies dies unfortunately and maggots tell Jennifer Connelly that she died. Yeah and that S- dice when the she must write the letter to her dad's saying that like she has second personality and that's when they signed the letter and that's why they all start bullying also murder. Mom is like what is her job. She's liaison airport and drop off awfully. Yeah she's just like yeah calculations gosh she school talent relations. Yeah and that was like we barely see murder mom and yeah yeah beginning and end thanks. She's trying to get away and then at this point some she goes well she teams up with the bug. Yeah as the profits fly row. Yeah after after all. The students terrorize her and then the flies are like stop it. Then she goes back and gets a maid she breaks while she breaks Outta the lie she gets she breaks out of the. Oh yeah yeah the hospital room. She's being watched sleeping nurse and like she is so loud but it is very much sleep if she like grabs paxil or stuff up like a cuckoo clock starts to go and she's like Oh shut up and like hits the cuckoo clock nurse still sleeping. She leaves in very very cliquey clap. Your shoes still sleeping. She goes to and and small. ENTOMOLOGISTS DONALD PLUS Donald Presents. And then fly. Goes the house. Go to the house. Were the first girl was yeah. Tourist girl was killed and Find some other guy there to like what is it. He we always is agents. This House hasn't been lived in for six months. And she's like well that's confusing and then leaves and then that's when the inspector suddenly shows up and I was like Oh right there. Yeah he's so suddenly he's he's like he's sort of just one step behind Jennifer Connelly and her bug partner but then he saw gets ahead because then he gets captured and put in chains pains. He's still behind because at that point of ocean win their house so so she like she gets out of there. She's like I'm GonNa Call My dad's agent lawyer. I WANNA leave the school sucks. They think I'm crazy. They're trying to hurt me. Oh and while she's out making McCall murder. Mom shows up and it's like you should stay with me I'll take the AP. Oh yeah because somebody she. She leaves a message for lawyer agents and then goes to the airport expecting there to be a reservation therefore air for her. Yeah there is none right then. Murder Mom shows up and his lake. Oh yeah there's going to be tomorrow come stay at my house and instantly starts it's acting shady bonkers. They slice I now. I don't have glasses on an evil and I'm wearing a lace shirt and I'm in welcome in my home. We're all my mirrors are covered. Also she'll wake him who my son who is not licensed space because it upsets. I'd like it to meet him. No you wouldn't. You would meet him and then just know that at some point. Professor entomologists has been stabbed. He's an English is on the loose with a straight razor and this whole time that like this lady's Acting Really Shady Oh and then she like touches Jennifer Collins head. She's like Oh you're burning coming up. I have to give you these pills. And Jennifer Connelly is like. I don't trust that but for some reason I'll eat this past fight for a really long time about wrestle. We just went and turned into Italian. Talion again and I was like Unfortunate I mean she was just yelling. Take the pill sick. You're sick assumed. Yeah but then she. She agrees to take the bill but she's only going to do it locked in the bathroom and then and then you don't have to take it since she does take it to hand towel happens then hurt. She gets really bad stomach cramps so she starts to try and throw up the pill she can't. She drinks a bunch of water to try and like get enough so that she could barf it back now. She's gagging yourself and I started throwing up the whole time Mirdamadi banging on the door being very annoying very annoying even for murder mome like everyone wings. Come on murder. Mom Stop Pitch. We don't need any snack. I'm trying to bark up the first knack you gave me I. I mean I had it and I loved it not poison also like what are you doing. I'm like that door is so thin. You hear her. She's barking. You know what she's doing it comes in and somehow Jennifer Connelly's been like gagging up bile for a minute like little mini at least and yet the whole pill is still sitting in the thing. Yeah for murder mom to have seen that she threw it up. Also clean up your Mass Jennifer Connelly like just pick it it up throw it in the fucking toilet flush the toilet rinse it on the sink but instead what she does is when mom looking at the pill she walks slowly to the phone and and is like I need to call it was like yeah very casually casually calling. Of course she gets stopped she gets locked in a room right. And it's I think Moore I'm doesn't kill her then because the detective shows she's like Oh okay I have to deal with this. Oh and that's when the inspector is like by the way you were you were attacked in a institution the institution right. She goes yes. I was here either scar. May I touch it. No even say mad touched Aegis reaches and she's she's like no other mom and I think that's crazy. Yeah there is a quick thing where he like he goes to the insane asylum and the guys like nobody could have gotten out out and he's like yes. I'm more curious about who came in. And that's when they go to the guy who attacked her but we don't know that yet then he shows up. He's like you. You got attacked it in insane asylum. And she's like yes I did and then you're starting to put it together that like. Oh maybe the sun is who got brought out of the insane asylum technically has been killing people. Then she liked Bonk's him on the head and and lock them up in her basement and then he's covered in blood and he is like in a room. That has the disgusting bone body pet. It looks like the biggest dirtiest college bathroom. Yeah so I mean inspector has been. Here's gotten a shit beat out of looks horrible. And he's iconic onic bright red circle blood like paint Also like this bitch. Has Her house fucking set up for killing people. She god-like House. Yeah so he's in. He's locked up. What's your name? Connelly has found her way into like a little tunnel on all and she liked me through the phone down there. Yeah Yeah and she dovan after it. She's about another letter to the inspector. She's about to talk on the phone to lawyer agent when a bloody arm grabs her inspector but she doesn't know he's trying to say earlier she freaks Out Falls in the pit grows grows grows rinsed off by some extra water good. He brought her mom racking up. Just laugh as cackling autism tonight. She's just like this is so we'll she. This was a big prank for it was yeah I do. I like yeah like I can't get over health on it is that she locked up the police ace inspector and the girl she was trying to kill is now drowning and her corpse pit and she liked. This is whole Larry. You're so losing. This is my TV V. Watch and laugh and stomp on your fingers when you try to talk like honestly I were her. I would be laughing. I would like I would truly think like this is. This is hilarious getting away. And he found a cop but he's chained yet he can't help you at all more.

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