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Father who art in that will be done on our get daily grad yeah yeah this week yeah doctors and patients at people have done our Laurie right AT may return to the queue somewhere in here and pee Kay or take Hey you can come with me downstairs okay thank you welcome everyone in this morning to Idlewild Presbyterian church and for those of you joining by live stream or radio we welcome you this morning as well normally you would probably be listening to Reverend apple or Reverend Dorian Christians making the welcome announcements but the two of them are at Nick homey with many other members of Idyllwild for our annual NIT combing all church camp weekends our prayers are with everyone there that they've had a joyful weekend and offer them traveling mercies as they return home this afternoon we also have a guest organist joining us this week so we welcome Walton Griffin's Idlewild thank you Walton for helping lead us in worship I'd like to invite everyone to sign at the and pass the friendship pad located in the in side aisles of your P. use if you are a visitor and would like more information on art a wild please indicate that in the sheet inside of the pad and if you have been visiting us and feel called to join the church next Sunday is new member Sunday so please contact myself Elizabeth Doolin or any other Idlewild staff if you would like to join next Sunday we also invite you to stay after the eleven o'clock service for a congregational meeting at which the nominations committee will present members for election to the class of twenty twenty two session ends diaconate now let us continue in worship with our proclamation him number six twenty nine Jesus the very thought of the he's okay all the small all please join your hearts with mine in prayer.

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