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Last year. So we do have the permit to go over the Coronado bridge for a cycling routes would. So so where does this? So first of all you have several routes people are riding their bikes and raising money for cancer research. Correct. The whole goal is to raise as much funding for local cancer research is possible last year, we donate a two point four million in we're hoping to raise three million this year. So can ride a bike over the page. Like, I said anywhere from twenty five to one hundred miles. What about electric bikes, you can ride electric bike, great, motorcycles, but electric bikes cruiser there? I want to go over the bridge. I have two of them one for each leg. Yes. Thank you. Oh, yeah. It's a beach cruiser big. Yeah. One of the political is out. There is a basket. I can go to the grocery store case. Exactly. That's right. Yeah. But the money you mentioned stays for research. And San Diego's got to be one of the top cancer research. Yes. All UCSD. Vernon practice and Rady children's fund. We are sitting for for for tourism and weather. We're also does Asian city for people trying to get a cure for cancer. There's a lot of people that come here. Just for this purpose. Yeah. We've had some pretty cutting edge clinical trial research projects and one of the ones who jumps out you're talking about the mall and your head is is a melanoma project for one more second. I would have been over what mole on his head. Yeah. We find it. Forty two local research projects in San Diego that likely wouldn't get funded. If we didn't provide that early seed research into our goal is that they get more data. And then they go on and they apply for a major grant from NIH and get millions on the road. So we're starting to see that return cancer fighters this city's spot where you pick a plot of melanoma. Because again, like we just said during Christmas route suntanning, and so if you're a fair skin look out, one of the researchers that we funded at UCSD is Dr Greg Daniels, and I've met a number of his patients that have said they've been diagnosed with stage four melanoma literally planned his wake, and he went to Israel and came back. This is he was diagnosed with stage four terminal melanoma. He's doing awesome. He rides in the event every year and falls. Oh, that's great. So talk about the money. The people want to know first of all if they can't get out here to ride, but I want your recruiting writers, still, correct? We are recruiting writers that you can also we have a new. Five K walk run this year, that's family friendly. So we hope the whole beer garden that you can just sit. Here we go onto the donate for a car crew. Chugging any everyone that finishes on the field? At Petco park is welcome to join the beer tents afterwards. There you go. I like it. I'm listening and you're gonna play right? Yes. The best plan. Yeah. You're gonna sit until we. Yeah. Wherever I album coming out this year with many of the people from Eric Clapton's band. And here we lose what a great view from there on November seventeen. I don't know. Why? So is that we're playing there as people are coming in. Nice finishes on centerfield and there's food and beer parties. Sully is going to be wanna go. I haven't liked it. Why aren't I going? When is November November's? Well, the house going on it usually don't pay attention. I'm always because you don't get a chance to to ride on those roads on a bike the whole path. Like you say, by the way, this is important because you can be an avid cyclist and go right one hundred miles you can ride five miles at the if you want. I did not go anywhere. Visit. So what are the lengths five ten twenty five hundred the lowest is twenty five hundred twenty five miles over the bridge over the bridge. Someone can you swim across swim run hill. I say. Walk around. You can do spin class on the field. You can bring your kids as a kid. Like last year. In eighteen hundred and sixty thousand people. Wow. It's a great day for the whole community though because everyone finishes on the field. And then we feature some of our researchers who can find it. And they tell their stories about that. How the research is advancing. Sure lives. Exactly. So the route goes are all around San Diego, countless if you've never read your by November San Diego. It is literally the prettiest of the year. How do you? How do you stand out from other bike ride bike for this caused by that goes right over the thing? I think there are a couple of things one is from the mission perspective we donate one hundred percent of what participants ride at raised to research. Okay. Don't take a cut of that. We don't send it to national headquarters. Everything goes to the mission. Then from an event perspective, we get to take over all a Petco park. So your locker room celebration on the field, we provide a lot of traffic control. So the route is very safe people say I've done every right in San Diego. And this is very well. Supported people in cars driving around to support writers who if you get a flat tire bringing your water scotch and water. What is are? We have an early bird thing happening Ciller. What's what's the latest promotions? Yeah. So there's two hundred and fifty dollars off fundraising for cycling if you registered with one of the last remaining spots in the early bird. And we will do probably somewhere promotions and the next month or so so hopefully, all right. I'm Ron can how early does this thing start. Support this likely support because a lot of people are involved. So wanna do this? I don't like giving up early. The five K starts at ten AM. Mile ride.

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