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Game in Oakland a farewell to the Coliseum in the raiders of final home game before moving to Vegas next season they get the jags their coach John group I really believe and she'll do not believe in silver black and and I'll get a lot lot of passion for what the man of gone before us and what these guys are gonna do after I'm gone so we're we're doing everything we can we really fact mark Davis for setting us up with a great future obviously we're very sensitive about where we come from and you know you can't help but be emotional about it NHL capitals maintain their seven point lead over the aisles the metro on five point lead over the Bruins in the overall standings a four goal third in route to a five to win at Tampa about this new town high school scored a touchdown on the final play of Saturday's Connecticut class double L. state championship game against Darien giving the Nighthawks at thirteen seven when in state title on the seventh anniversary of the stand the hook elementary school shooting championship was new towns first since nineteen ninety two they finished thirteen and vigils in church services were held Saturday in Connecticut so mark the anniversary of the shooting at sandy hook and remember victims of other gun violence since the tragedy in Newtown twenty first graders and six educators were killed at the school December fourteenth of twenty twelve Joe Berle was a record breaker in more ways than one navy staff there slide to the cadets and tiger leads the U. S. rally at the presidents Cup that's next this is SportsCenter all night on ESPN radio and the ESPN app stay with us.

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