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You with the details. Julian Assan is the founder of Wikileaks soon finds out whether or not he'll be extradited to the U. S from the UK to face numerous counts of espionage. Ah, judges decisions expected Monday morning if granted, Britain's home secretary will make the final call. A solid is facing 17 charges over the publication of Secret American military documents, but he may have an ace up his sleeve astonishes partner and mother of his two Children. Stella Morris has appealed via Twitter to President Trump, asking that the wicky leaker be pardoned if convicted, a solid faces up to 175 years behind bars. Karen McCue. FOX News New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's getting strong criticism for being in Times Square on New Year's Eve. A lot of critics are blasting the mayor for himself being at that event. While Mayor Bill de Blasio was a part of this event on social media, people still were claiming that he shouldn't have been there dancing while telling people to stay home restaurants and bars unable to host celebrations on what is typically one of the biggest night of the year after back and forth Just closing, reopening an outdoor dining in the last 10 months. Business owners are filing lawsuits once more. The lawsuit signing the low transmission rate within restaurants in arguing for the right to work in Queens. The state's stripping one restaurant of its liquor license video showed members of the New York City Republican Club without mask in the restaurant doing a conga line last week. Thanks is Alex Hogan to women and Somerset, Massachusetts, were accused of trying to steal groceries. They told an officer. They'd fallen on hard times, and we're just trying to provide their Children with a Christmas dinner. So instead of arresting them, the officer paid for the food. Joke here. Five steals. Here's your flight forecast. Partly cloudy tonight lows in the upper teens. Light south winds sunshine for your Sunday 30 for your high self wins a bit. Breezy Sunday night Chance for flurries in the overnight cloud cover south winds in the mid teens. Plenty of sunshine on Monday High of 35 gusty winds. Slight chance for snow Tuesday afternoon high of 32 degrees. That's a look at your flag. Three day forecasts. A meteorologist Mandy Film Uber currently 21 degrees..

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