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News radio one thousand K. T. O. K. of course but there were several look at these various surveys about the best places to retire Iowa Nebraska New Hampshire Florida usually high in the rankings but personal finance expert Jonathan Clemens doesn't think your retirement destination should hinge primarily on things like the crime level whether number of museums instead he says it should be about people as he writes on humble dollar dot com Jonathan explained so when you put it best states to retire according to all the surveys you should look at things like the weather property taxes and state income taxes the cost to live the global crime all that stuff and old important things but when I think about where when I retire I just have one key click here which is I would be close to people I love still people are crucial to our happiness will know that in the best time to live for what we're hanging out with friends and family and that's what you want to be able to do in retirement so I currently live just north of New York City and I'm gonna move down to Philadelphia because that is where the where my daughter and son or live in it I don't have a number of friends in the city so that's my destination and it's really because the people not because of any of these other criteria that is an important factor I often ask my wife sometimes I thought we're we're we live in retirement she's like we can't decide that now we have to see where the kids wind up so her her point you know there's something to that because I like searching for you know log cabins in Maine or something like that and I realize okay yet near zero family though what what we go on vacation I don't know about you what what yeah you will look at the service of the the real estate is available we look in the real close window we found how much it would cost we imagine what it would be like to live there but it is this about idealized version of a life but when you think about what it could be like today it Billy bean in the cabin in the woods in Maine is not gonna be enough it is not gonna make you happy to be on the first week you're gonna want to see some people and perfectly people you know like it's true speak with Jonathan Clemens sees the founder and editor of humble dollar dot com he's written a piece entitled rule the roost and it's about his retirement destination desires which can be significantly different from what you read in many surveys what else major less hello I'm started up by talking about people Gordon and people I think a really crucial to our happiness is not necessarily interactions with people we know simply walking out of your house and then be able to see people on the street had to smile at the moment he will buy that notion is very important to me so in trying to pick a place I want a place where I can walk to the supermarket I couldn't two restaurant and it gets up to walk out of the house and and see people Mr Jonathan Clements founder and editor of humble dollar dot com thirty minutes after the hour on this morning.

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