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The success hole disaster recovery is web community come together they together and work on collective solution to make our community better a lockdown has been lifted on the campus at virginia state university following a shooting saturday night that left one person injured in investigation is ongoing but police believe it was an isolated incident the academy of motion picture arts and sciences expelled producer harvey weinstein after allegations he sexually harassed her assaulted a number of women over the past three decades more from correspondent brian stelter we've never seen a board meeting like this from the academy the host the oscars we've never seen them come together and decide to expel a member for this kind of misconduct former white house chief strategist steve bannon predicted at the value voters summit in washington that president trump will win reelection president trump's going to finish this term he's gonna win was four hundred electoral votes and 2020 well not long ago a source told vanity fair that bannon privately confided that he believes trump only has a thirty percent chance of completing his full term hurricane of failure categorythree storm with sustained wins of a hundred in fifteen miles per hour was passing south of the azores on saturday on its path asked toward ireland or failure is the farthest east that a major hurricane as ever been in the atlantic the previous record was held by france's in 1980 i'm barbara kusak this is more thinner walk every sunday morning beginning at nine a m thanks in part to the whispering dragon center in seattle we cover the world of.

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