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But it's good that they're all on the same page now because how much will change from now until the draft a lot of people have may have the minor ready. Like what happened with Baker Mayfield last year? What happened with John Dorsey? What happened with John say, John Dorsey and? Baker mayfield. When did he make his mind who's going to draft him? Yeah. John Dorsey actually made his decision about Baker Mayfield sixty days prior animated during the senior bowl wasn't ios senior bowl. This is a is an estimation podcast X, clean news. This is an exclusive pepping at the horns in yet. John Dorsey, he already knew who he wanted. He item out during the senior bowl. Yeah. It happened. Said it didn't happened. Yeah. And so with the east people with multiple people saying that possibly the raiders will select a player like. Trayvon molin. It means a lot because. These players are actual people who might suit up for the raiders and. These players who knows mic MAC may be made his minor ready. And look you have another thing to look out for because. True Mont is a stud. He won a couple Nestle titles at Clemson. He knows how to win and he can bring that winning mentality to that vaunted raider defense. So another person who had think that they should accumulate during the draft will be shown Gerry the defensive end from Michigan. I believe. Yeah. I personally you we talked about the the Khalil Mack situation. And I think that they that wasn't the best move for them that season in approve he approved. It was the best move. It was a good move. The patch was little, but it was a good movie wasn't worth the highest paid defensive end. In league wasn't worth that type of money. He did of himself. But I mean when he left the raiders he wasn't worth at money when the when he left the raiders just went down to a league low of thirteen sex thirteen sex. Yeah. You got three first pick Salvat. I'd rather have those three I pick somebody blown away. And I mean, I hope that I hope that the front office really does work hard to fill that in because Khalil was such a star that an you've Hewlett he got away. He's the one that got away. So I feel like we have to fill in those spots in his film those holes in the defense because we really can't have thirteen sacks Kaelin that is it that day. Pitiful. That's shitty. That's like that's terrible. I are fans could do better than that. Like you said last week about the two guys. What was it was negative seven? What was it negative seven new something you're saying that you might as well just have five people on defense? What was it was like, oh because NATO seven in a snow? No. Like it wasn't turnover differential. But no it was. It was sacks. Because you know, they can barely get out after the quarterback. Then you might as well have five people because you know, five you can live anywhere on the quarterback because you know. It didn't take me goes much. You sacked quarterback. I mean, they have those full stars. But come on, and we all know that Gruden loves playmaker. So what about Byron Murphy the cornerback from Washington? I think he's good. But I take Trayvon I would take who I just said and that would be Trayvon mon- from Clemson. I'd rather take him. But Murphy can further assist. Gary on Conley. Who had a good season less? He had a good season. Considering considering hey, I'm being nice. I'm being very nice. The world is in that way held up. Listen kaelin. You got me away from my British action three at bog excuse me. I was I was my head five minutes ago was thinking definitely couldn't pry character. Oh that was good. When she book. So who is your great so writer this week, greater understood dot draft. Are we still talking draft about word? Oh, come on brings on brings on.

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