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And he recommended for not handing over the full unredacted Muller reported democratic congressman ro Khanna says what he wants I is to hear from the special counsel himself next week. The Justice department has said he can testify we want him to testify. I think frankly, he has more credibility than any of us in congress anyone in the media, President Trump sold a rally in Florida last night. It's time to move on twenty trumpeters Democrats and angry Democrats after two years nothing. No collision. But one of his sons is. Facing more questions. Fox's Rachel Sutherland live in Washington gay. Donald Trump junior has been subpoenaed by the Republican led Senate intelligence committee, which questioned him in the Russia probe two years ago. Committee leaders aren't commenting on the subpoena, but it's been reported. They wanna ask about plans for Trump Tower in Moscow, a source close to Trump junior released a statement saying he's already provided hours of testimony to the committee under an agreement that he would only testify once this horse claims subpoenas a PR stunt from a so-called Republican referring to committee chair. Richard burr. Dave North Korea has done it again for the second time in a week a missile test. This time launching two of them site north west of Yang. They traveled east end landed with out harm in the sea between the Korean peninsula and Japan. Fox's Greg palkot. The US air force conducted its own missile tests minutes later, firing a long range missile claiming though timing is coincidental. All this more than two months after the second Trump, Kim, some it broke down with. No nuclear deal trade talks resume today in Washington with China as a big increase in US tariffs looms tomorrow China threatens to retaliate again. And on Wall Street, another big.

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