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Different conservative republican operatives a person who spoke with boutin until the daily beast that she had several meetings with representative dana rohrabacher who you will recall was the subject of a joke that was not supposed to leave the republican caucus when paul ryan said that the only people i know are paid by the russians are dana rohrabacher and donald trump getting on the square roar back or did not immediately respond to a request for comment shares pictures of her hobnobbing with scott walker with wayne lapierre with former nra head david keene bouteine had helped like i said from what least one american in our effort to build back channels between top republican party insiders in the kremlin us person one that is paul erickson supposedly unrelated to specific presidential campaigns i've been involved in securing a very private line of communication between the kremlin and political party leaders we know that's republican leaders through all condu it's the nra he wrote maybe he lied boutin also targeted the national prayer breakfast as our effort to shore up so there it is quite possible that there was money funneled through the nra to republican party leaders now does that mean the republican party leaders knew where the money was coming from probably not although there may have been suspicions at one point right these things get tend to get a little leaky why would the nra do this wall what happens i mean there's always a person right she doesn't show up and walk up to the bank it said like to deposit this money into the nra bank account there's condu it's and these condu it's always get a cut they always get a cut and so the answer is an organization that is incredibly mercenary to the point where they will promote the sale of weapons that kill toddlers every single day in this country do you find it hard to believe that someone would take thirty million dollars if they can get a ten percent cut no it's a win win it's a win win win three wins winner for the pair winner for the conduit winner for the person who gets the money you not everything's is use some game that's right this is not a zero everybody to benefit everybody's benefit everybody gets look this and boutin a then the question is what what's the relationship with donald trump is there any relationship to the campaign we don't know that yet although here's an interesting video oh would did you get it to check your i am this was on the list here no watch this this is a question at twenty fifteen july eleventh this is a question during a freedom festival in las vegas nevada and here is cnn the voice of maria boutin a who has been arrested and indicted i'm visiting from russia so my question good friend of obama putin my he likes obama lot go ahead my question will be put politics if you would be elected president what will be a foreign policy politics especially in the relationships with mike entry and do you want to continue the politics of sanctions that damage in both economy or you have any other areas okay obama gets along with nobody the whole world hates us you're not gonna amazing thing you look at mexico they hate us they hate our leadership and yet they're making a fortune china hates us china's building ports in the south china sea we could never do a thing like that because we'd have to get environmental impact stipends okay so we're i jokingly said to a friend do you think they got an environmental impacts they'd been when they did so china hates me and yet they're making everybody hates us and yet they make money with us with me we're gonna make money on them and they're gonna like us i know putin and i'll tell you what we get along with putin putin has no respect for president obama big problem big problem and russia has been driven i've always heard for years i've heard one of the worst things that can happen.

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