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Employed that was his name because he was the greatest fullback in the nfl nickname was bar none the early nineties niners william floyd was a he was the man he if you're under twenty listening to this you maybe don't remember time in the nfl we're fullbacks rationally offense of weapons and sorry you missed out on a great fucking era but william floyd was the dude for the niners opening holes for dares hers ricky watters and being a receiver out of the backfield yeah and i went with the ultimate number forty i'm glad neither of us put like all stop not having pat tillman number forty for the a car you beat me on the list this week and you put pat tillman's i probably would've put william floyd either way but pat tillman's fucking like the phrase american hero gets thrown around and it means nothing compared to what pat tillman no he's the greatest american hero probably like if they put a fifth on mount rushmore i'm cool with long hair just hanging out next to ape you know i think it would actually really good that always had a plan to put another one up there and the chest there's supposed to be like a full upper body and there's your history no idea been putting off buying new glasses xeni optical offers a huge variety of high quality stylish frames and state of the art optics starting at just six dollars and ninety five cents we've got all the great frame styles you want and materials like titanium carbon fiber in high luster acetate plus xeni offers prescription glasses and sunglasses so this great price you can build your i wear wardrobe you can get ten percent off your entire order with code three six zero so visit xeni z e n n i today eggs any optical dot com and use code three six zero.

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