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Battle warriors remember killy's is like a killing machine and prime who's lost all sons embraced and there wales filled the tent and this is harrowing moment with these two hardened soldiers at just collapsed into each other's arms says seems like there's the two sides of at on on one side there's the humility of the gesture of yes senior enemy and then on the other side there's this sensor perspective or compassion our understanding compassion shared suffering perspective right and i would even out a third one i think that the three things this idea of humility collaboration and perspective all conspire to create the essential ingredient for great leaders and that's wisdom does a lot of smart people of their lotta people technical smart wisdom is something more wisdom is judgment tested by experience a knowledge of human nature what's what's the difference between wisdom in intelligence i think wisdom is something intelligences problemsolving analytical skill kind of raw smart's wisdom is being able to apply that to the real world to in all their complexity in you asked earlier about you know obviously leadership is about running companies making profits that's absolutely true but remember we're talking about leadership here every organisation needs leaders not just the business world i've done research on presidents in the books they read all nonprofits leadership families have leadership ray universities have leadership leadership i think reading is essential to leadership whether you're a business leader or in any field because would it does is it helps you create your principle and your values every leader needs to have those things what do you believe in what does your company believe and which is you organization believe than in that's different from profit of course prophet is part of it but that's just part of the equation of being a great leader writing a longterm vision for leadership in i think you know the great works great literary works can feel that it's interesting that adam smith the father of capitalism.

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