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M A L NEWS at 8 30. Good morning, everyone I'm John Matthews are breaking news this morning. It's worse than slow. Go. It's no go on the Beltway in Montgomery County. Here's the least debating a one hour ride on the outer loop from New Hampshire Avenue to Rockville Pike and the Beltway's closed. We'll have details at 8 30. 85 federal agencies investigating this week's shooting death of the mother of an incoming mid shipment outside in Annapolis hotel of posted a $20,000 reward for the capture of those responsible. 57 year old Michelle Cummings was killed by a stray bullet hours before her son, Leonard was to be inducted into the Naval Academy. Donald Trump's financial right hand man has surrendered with authorities in New York City, Longtime Trump Organization chief financial officer Alan Weiss Alberg faces charges along with the Trump Organization itself. Which are expected to be made public later today, Prosecutors with the Manhattan district attorney's office are expected to announce the first criminal indictment in the two year investigation into former President Trump's business practices. There is no indication that the former president will be charged at this stage of the investigation, which is being pursued by the D A, as well as by the New York state attorney general. Why Silberg came under scrutiny for his son's use of Trump apartment at little or no cost. In New York City. Tanya J. Powers Fox News We welcome in July with the new fiscal year for most states in a flurry of new laws across the region in Virginia, the headliner is legal marijuana. You can have it, You can grow it, but you can't buy it yet. The state is also officially abolished the death penalty and given people convicted of crimes the right to be sentenced by a judge rather than a jury in Maryland. The state song with its Confederate leanings has been abolished. As of today, and wrongly convicted persons now have the right to speak. Compensation in D. C. The minimum wage is gone from 15 to $15.20 an hour checking your money. The Dow futures up 75 points. The NASDAQ futures down 12 in sports sponsored by Juniper Networks trade, Turner gets a cycle and that leads the nationals over the raised 15 to 6. They also sweep the two game series. The Orioles beat the Astros 5 to 2 up Next traffic and weather is O'Connor and company continues on 105.9 FM double Um, a L Thanks for calling.

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