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Be there in person. Wardell, Stefan curry, the second. You have sunshine. But you saw it obviously from afar, David, what did it mean to him? Do you think to sort of close that particular loop in his life? Yeah, I mean, we talked about it previously. I mean, that was incredibly important. I mean, I was like probably as proud of him for doing that as anything, you know, he's done. And also, you know, Davison has this sort of archaic rule that they won't retire your Jersey if you didn't graduate. So now they get to retire his Jersey. Davidson, no subway sandwiches. And no jerseys in the rafters if you don't hold the diploma. Yeah, he had to have he had to graduate. And by the way, the city of Davidson now since Steph Curry has graduated is a metropolitan little town with like a Harris teeter and all of these stores and they've totally embraced all of this. He's transformed the entire city into like this whole thing where subways are now allowed to be there if they want to be there. You know, I was watching David. This is how I sort of got the idea at the end here to sort of even talk to you about step because I knew you guys knew each other, but I watched Steph Curry. Truly not forget where he came from when I saw him walk into a game in the Western Conference Finals. Carrying, I think something that you must have been pretty thrilled to notice. Yeah, so he was carrying my book the movement made us that came out may 10th. Go out and buy it so you can be like Steph Curry. You know, he has this book club thing that he does, not texting him, sort of jokingly, like, you know, don't forget me in the book. And he was like, no, I'm not like, this isn't a joke. And, you know, I was like, well, I'm gonna send you send you a book, and of course he knew about it before I told him about everything 'cause he, you know, that's just what he does. And didn't tell me he was going to do it. I didn't ask him to do it. And before game one of the Western Conference Finals as part of his walk up, he carries the book into the game, but like facing out. So you can see what he has, and that's just like the stuff. I mean, it's the same guy who comes to your dorm room after the UNC game. And to help you feel your CDs. That's just what he does. You know, and that's like basketball, no basketball. You just one of the greatest guys that you'll ever know and I'm sure and I want to play with him. I want to play with him in the war. He's like, I want to go a team up with him. I understand what LeBron is saying. Like, you know, that's just the type of stuff that he does, and sticks his neck out for you. And, you know, that's Stephen Curry. So what you're saying is that Stephen Curry now on track to be like one of the two greatest point guards in NBA history in the middle of his playoff rod is still helping David Dennis junior, the Jay-Z of Davidson college. He still helping him move units. Absolutely. David, thank you for doing this, man. It was a joy. Oh, thanks for having me, man. This is great. I'm Pablo Torre. This has been ESPN daily. I'll talk to you tomorrow..

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