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What 877 moist 86 1877664786. We just got done talking to former L. A county district Attorney Steve Cooley. With him was a mom. Her name is desert Andre de whose son was murdered. And this George Gascon, the L. A County D, a refused to press sentencing enhancements that would put these murderers of her son away for a very long time. The news is that recall George gascon dot com will soon have petitions for you to download and sign and be a part of the recall from office. It is hoped by tomorrow. Afternoon, we will be able to tell you that the petitions are online and ready to be signed. So be ready and do it as quickly as you can. I just For interest. I Googled George Gascogne on a story just popped up that was put out yesterday. District Attorney George Gascogne is not an out liar, saying Attorney General's India's around the nation. He is the popularly elected wave of the future. Website is witness. L A over here that criminal justice journalism in the public interest. Oh, it sounds like some left wing propaganda rag used to read this thing. You make me talking about what we were just talking about with Steve Cooley that this may go to the California state Supreme Court. The fact that Guess Cone was removing sentence enhancements, and apparently, a judge said, No, you're not. So that's what Gascogne is challenging. And these days they're saying it should be his prosecutorial discretion. To charge or not charged people. That's what he was elected to do, But it Steve Cooley pointed out, it's the law, sentencing enhancements all the law. I think if they actually comprised of and they will prove That these three men did everything that was right on draught. He described that they killed her son by beating and stabbing him until he was unconscious. And then Drove him. Dumped him on the side of the road that eventually threw him off a cliff. They stopped on his head a few more times because I thought he might still be alive. They're stabbing him in the face. They prove all that then they really committed those crimes so they should be charged with the enhancements of kidnapping and lying and wait and whatever else the enhancement said, because they really did it, and the law says if you do that these air the charges and this is the sentence. So where it is, guess going, come in and act as if it didn't happen. But the torture didn't happen. The lying in wait didn't happen. The kidnapping didn't happen. How could you pretend it didn't happen? It did. This. This is this is a real crucial moment here. Can't a district attorney on his own decides it's certain crimes that did happen. Didn't happen. Cause If you don't charge him, it's as if it never occurred. Crazy and he doesn't have that We wouldn't give any D a to authority to do that to rewrite reality. No. And this woman that wrote this column says that Gascogne His changes. His directive should surprise nobody because he was an unambiguous reformer. Oh, he didn't talk about this meeting to talk about this little, he said. You know what? I'm so sick of the propaganda and, you know thing is we get propaganda from foods bogus sites on the Internet, right? And and it's just all agitation. From these progressive fanatics. And but But then you you, you turn on what used to be mainstream media and you get the same propaganda. And agitation. You get the same nonsense and it's all declarations. It's declarations. This is the new progressive wave. It's like F you. It's not the new progressive wave. This is temporary insanity. It's going to be corrected. No, There's nobody who thinks that the guys who did what they did. The Julian Andrade should be out in 20 years. Go find me who thinks that with your Beverly Hills, Rosemead, La Morada, Lancaster, PICO Rivera, Cavenagh, Santa Clarita, Azusa, Santa Fe Springs, Diamond Bar. Redondo Beach, Arcadia, Manhattan Beach. That is the list of towns in L. A county who City Council's voted no confidence and Gascogne. Ah, lot of what we're talking about, goes back to a Steve Cooley said. Everything's upside down. I want it is just unprecedented. To see this kind of revolt against the prosecutor, and you have a prosecutor who's acting as a public defender. That's what he's doing. He's trying to destroy our county Justice System restaurant. It is criminally yes. Yes. He's that's who I hate guys. I was gonna ask you, could you? Could You ever imagine that your office healthy run by someone? The thing is, I'm telling you this side of the criminals like George Soros financed his campaign. This is well, this is well organized Sorrows has dozens of these subsidiary. Organizations that funneled the money into these campaigns. And I'm sure there's a lot of money that goes under the table or two side organizations that, you know, create commercials create social media impressions. And what they did is in the George Floyd moment. They created this myth that he's this reformer. Smeared Jackie Lacey. They had black lives matter. Protestors there every day in front of her house. Baiting her husband until he came out with a gun because he he and she were terrified that they were going to get killed by these by these protestors have shut up in the dark. And it was a smear campaign was attacked campaign and it was all connected. It didn't happen by accident. Whoever showed up there for black lives matter that night. There's direct connections to Gascogne direct connections to these George sourced organizations, direct connections to all the nonsense that's going on all over, especially on the West Coast. Portland, Seattle the whole bit. This is by design. It's same organizations are connected you until the homeless nonsense is about ruining. Are American society, and they're doing it and they're winning. Because you're coming. There's no watchdog. There's nobody shining the spotlight. All the media has abandoned their obligation to do that. A lot of the media is in with these guys. John and Ken Ko Phi Debra Mark has news the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles has held a briefing with.

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