Havana, President Trump, Jonathan discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir


The jetliner with more than one hundred on board slamming into a field of crops in havana are affiliates wpro g is on the scene look at the crowds these are all cubans trying to figure out exactly what happened many of them say they are right here when they saw a plume of smoke difficult to recognize the boeing seven thirtyseven as water was poured onto the wreckage just a couple of miles from the airport where the jet took off from it would suggest that something catastrophic captured either on the takeoff roll or right f as the aircraft was lifting into the air perhaps an engine failure perhaps a controllability issue the jet heading to the other end of the island was leased from a mexican company state owned kuban airlines had grounded many of its own aircraft due to maintenance issues the boeing seven thirty seven that crashed is an older model and had many previous owners it's maintenance records and the black boxes may prove crucial in determining a cause david david curly tonight thank you david there was an unsettling seen it one of the trump resorts nearby tammi in armed man showing up stealing an american flag from the property reportedly shouting about the president firing shots then police arriving on the scene they did shoot jonathan odi several times he did survive tonight a search for a motive underway one police official now saying it appears he was trying to lure police they're into a firefight and from hawaii tonight extraordinary images from the kilowatt volcano the fissures the cracks in the ground where lava is now shooting into the air it comes after that powerful eruption from the summit the faa tonight now restricting flights within five miles of the crater there are worries that even bigger blast maybe on the way and abc's chief national correspondent matt cup and reporting in earlier today david shockingly this was a cow pasture until about two weeks ago now overnight these fishers became incredibly active again want you to see that river of lava just losing downhill over there spoke to seismologist here they say they don't know exactly what's going on why these fishers had become.

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