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It was. A clear white was on the streets. So can get some rolling. Dougie's LBC vision. Sean Todd, Mr. pro Jimmy. Tweak. One three. Two one Wissam brother shooting die. So. Some. Straight. Pointy tricks. Come breaking. Can't believe they can. They took my Rolex. And they all around the. They start the clown. I think I'm going down. I can't believe. Excepting play glancing. The thing. The home and the whole dog. If you know what I'm talking about comedy six six nine to switch a six six two seven nine three two eight. Somebody tell me. New is. Who is? Chase. She could have been. Only. No. Could've. We don't train out to thank. No. For sean. Permanent. Could you do? Side face. Could. Only think. Oh. And that's why. Could try. Don't train. Could. We could have. Crinoline? Story. Maybe. Fetal plan on push. Shoulda shoulda cut. Back to back. Love songs. This sweat hotel. Museum. Joe? Shoe? Bye. Good. This keeps wet with sweat hotel on the one three. In writing often through. This. Banning. Again. Now. A win male. Turn. Cream? Juice. Start. Shoe? Hugh. There's. Everybody. The music never stops. Sweat hotel. Feeling those safety. So don't go shoot. Because you take. The number of to do. We run. Still. Maybe. Bet. Back back. Maybe. I bet. Trip. Being. Chips chips. Maybe. Swindle.

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