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It. And it's going to Ricky though to stamkos at center in the middle. And who Jeter all negative fumblitis by both teams in the neutral zone right there. Ruta will deal for Sergeyevna lightning near corner. And at forty left on the first kill circuit. Jeff short, Tyler Johnson escapes. The Senator Johnson crossed the blue line to the right point. He'll work to point right circle. Rate point a pass off escape is doing good job. Getting in the passing lane to Anderson on a counter perform, no out to center ice. He'll smoking in by the lightning Coburn grouts rate and Colbert extract up the right side of cetera. Motoring and he is carrying cross the line right point point. I slap a lot open jokes. Oh, he missed a great. Look Tyler Johnson left circle. Porna- Polat one. Oh, six left in the period. A lot of the left circle a lot pressured ill maneuvre, though to Cobra point Coburn has checked and got tapped out to center ice by Felina minute to go in the period. Right Polat backup mental Johnson. Good pass picked up. I set Jones slip it for Felina with the end of the shift work it in on the lightning that boy. Pull out a great chance. Mr. net is Ryan mcdonagh left wing right side, Girardi off his stick and it deflects out a plan. So it's going to be a decent fees up the lightning forty one point. She seconds left in the first two blue jackets face up. Chris face up beat that a right of Bassa less. Forbid draw. Starting to grip their sticks a little tighter, and they made some by by saying that they made some mistakes that we haven't seen for much of the last two games. But the lighting not been able to capitalize though. You stamkos? Today's stamkos Girardi in front of the lightning right wing podcast to center. They'll turn it in. But it's hammered right back out by art down. The is it goes going to be nice Adelaide to get an offensive zone face. That's what I'm talking about Bill. That's hockey hockey's a game of mistakes but wasn't making plays like that. Oh in games. Two and three momentum. Swings are tremendous in this game. Now Henrique now there's a little bit of a momentum. Swing that is going to lighten face off to the right of Bob Ross king. Stamp goes into Shane on the draw. Stamp does Windsor kucherov left circle shot blocked who Trump Dan left circle shot. Save abroa- sqi long rebound, Shane Shane bus to center ice with twenty seconds left in the period ships in and grabs it not Shane left circle is checked by mcdonagh nicely done. Eric turn a funnel rush here in the first to center. I he steps sweep it for stamkos across the blue line left circle. The point Cherniak shoot blocked again rebound. Mcdonagh four seconds left gonna run out of time here, and I'll just give it away to Savard. Blue blue jackets had to nothing lead to get one bag, and then they had a goal taken away the blue jackets due due to an offside challenged by the lightning through to on Columbus after one Greg coming up.

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