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Morning under partly smoky skies yes indeed and now we're looking at the fire we talked about Healdsburg fire on one zero one northbound south of old Redwood highway actually has been stricken from the current activities math but we, may have more. Information on that as we continue on Petaluma accident south of. South south of peddling. Boulevard north lanes are blocked there and Napa crash twelve westbound east of Kelly road right shoulder is blocked at that location from Kenwood the Santa Rosa twelve westbound without a, hitch this morning next update will be at six forty five Daniel's who see us now with your forecast Sunny. Skies warm temperatures continuing today topping out at eighty six sixty seven. On the coast mostly clear tonight low fifty three mid eighties expected for the next couple of days afterwards. Just below seventy on the coast and it is in in Healdsburg this morning fifty one degrees same for Santa Rosa. One, more. Note about that potential fire situation in. Healdsburg this morning word from CHP is that. It is just a call that came in and they get frequent calls in that, location, northbound one zero one in Healdsburg because of the many homeless encampments in the, area so that is the latest from, the c. h. p. this morning six thirty, seven in the news the Mendocino complex fire considered the largest wildfire incident in California history it passed the Mark that was set by the. Thomas fire in Santa Barbara and, Ventura, counties, last winter they Cording to Cal fire totals Which will be updated just after seven o'clock the blaze has burned, just under two hundred eighty, four thousand acres destroyed seventy five homes damaged twelve others and, several structures are gone to the, fire continues to threaten over eleven thousand structures, now thirty percent. Containment so far close. To four thousand fire personnel are battling that fire amazingly no injuries or deaths have been reported there meanwhile the car fire burning chasta and trinity counties is now at over one hundred sixty four thousand acres and forty seven percent containment according to Cal fire as of. Yesterday the blaze destroyed one thousand eighty homes twenty four commercial structures and five hundred other structures and. Has damaged around one hundred ninety homes and close to ninety other. Structures the fire continues to threaten over twelve hundred structures that wildfire which began in July twenty third is. Killed at least seven people in Including two firefighters atop Australian leader is going to be speaking before, the California state, Senate New South, Wales parliament president John Ajao commented on the similarities between the two regions states.

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