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Is not eligible to play in week one but he can join the team for their week two game against the Miami Dolphins Brian Mayer fox news about del Walters this is. B. J. I'm Robert wood topping Austin's use gun control advocates of calling for background checks on private gun sales since the latest mass shooting in Midland Odessa and Scruggs with Texas gun sense happened. where the shooter failed a background check but was still able to obtain an A. R. type weapon shows that we have a problem lieutenant governor Dan Patrick this week announced he would go against the NRA and would lead an effort on passing background checks on some private sales of firearms the federal government's making a plea to people who use the cigarettes that plea is to stop vaping at least until it is known what has made over four hundred and fifty people sick the centers for disease control's Elena areas they've done a credible and laboratory evidence date we believe that a chemical exposure and likely associated with the non returner say newsradio Kaylee J. do over seventies overnight I'm Robert would get news on demand it is ready okay I'll be J. dot com. welcome to our. some where in Todd's tonight goes to go stay out from September tenth nineteen ninety six from the high desert and the great American southwest. across all these. any time zone stretching from the keychain and Hawaiian Islands in the west. girls. grass all the way over to the carribean. and the US Virgin Islands still being hammered by rain last night or. the more jobs down south into South America North Pole this is coast to coast AM and I'm mark bell three years great to be here this morning. it will be open lines all night long. however I do have. just a few announcements here. the number one. Thursday night Friday morning by popular demand Dr Courtney brown. and he'll be here ahead of appearance down and appearances can make down in Tampa. in view of the last program he did and what he had to say about Mars and then the announcements that were made the it should be in a freaking program to say the least. people after major ed dames wanted have Courtney brown on Dr so. so it is so it has been written so it shall be done. then Friday night Saturday morning. this one a lot of you have been waiting for the new news on anti gravity. is going to be given it explains as fast as one can do it. hi Richard Hoagland. so there you've got to talk Gordon brown Thursday night Friday and Friday night Saturday Richard Hoagland and anti gravity it's going to be a pretty intense. couple of days to say the least. you may remember doctor brown on the air prior to my vacation about Mars. and then my vacation and then all the news on Mars. so it'll be an interesting appearance. then I would like to confirm something for you and that is. you know the twenty fifth of this month will be the. debates. a lot of people like to have her a brown even Ross Perot in the debates. but I don't believe it's going to occur. and that does mean you'll stop trying to get Harry brown or even Ross Perot into the debates but. I don't think so folks. and so on I have a range confirming now to have Harry brown on the very night of the debates the twenty fifth he'll be our guest for as long as we would like him. and I will collect during the debates the relevant questions. I asked of the two major party candidates. and I will ask them of Harry Browne then all of you will be able to make up your mind about whether Harry Browne should have been in the debates. and moreover what the debates would have been like had a Harry been there. so that's the plan thought you'd want to know that'll be Saturday the twenty fifth Harry Browne libertarian party candidate. here to debate the debates. all right otherwise let us skip about the news. under the category of Hey are what's wrong with this picture. from what I've been hearing on the news hurricane Fran is caused billions of dollars that's true in damage in North Carolina alone at least a billion I know and more to the north. by any of the mass media seems to be covering friends wake rather well as far as dispensing damage tallies and body counts but have you noticed. a conspicuous absence here. when was the last time if ever that you heard mention of FEMA. and its response to this disaster weird Jason KCMO fifty thousand watts of serious attitude and right Jason. but he's exactly right. normally we hear about FEMA cranking up sweeping down. taking care of business giving out no interest low interest loans. he's right. come see my hasn't been mentioned and I love just as I said wow Jason is exactly right Disney. nary a word. mother nature is a rock in. so was Tokyo. earthquake measuring six point nine that's a big and on the Richter scale rocked Tokyo and surrounding areas Wednesday morning. building swayed in Tokyo and let me tell you that must be something to see I was in Tokyo a year ago and they've got some big buildings. the epicenter in the Pacific ninety miles east of Tokyo. there is a tsunami tidal wave warning in effect now for Japan's Pacific Ocean coast around Tokyo. six point nine that's bigger earthquake and I'm telling you being in Tokyo downtown is just like being in New York City. big big buildings. and. you can imagine the horror or maybe you can't. of a really major earthquake in an area like that in the city it's almost unimaginable. a quake big enough to bring down the sky scrapers. can you imagine. staying with mother nature court tense bet battering Porter Rico does not do it justice. there have been as much as twenty inches of rain. out of this hurricane. twenty inches. and maybe more now my friends in the Virgin Islands I'm sure they're ready to wash away down there. talk to a lady early in the program yes days and you know. a lot of us don't have rules or the rules are in very poor condition so they're running around with buckets and are you name it to try to catch the water in a lot of not all the homes obviously but a lot of them with.

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