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One question for you on this. Why should people subscribe what you have going on there right now. What are you have coming off. That people will wanna read and number two chris reto and you a dropped the The running back preview podcast one is the wide receiver. One coming out That podcast is coming out next. Tuesday so we do and the the the one thing i like about our podcast is it's thirty minutes. What always runs along. We always go thirty five forty minutes or whatever but you know. I don't think anyone wants to hear me talk for an hour. So chris because he's easy really research a lot he's very statistical analysis and all and so i think we we work well together. But it's a thirty minute show You know we've done. Quarterbacks and running backs is so each tuesday it's gonna be wide receivers next week and then tight ends and then i think we do asleep or creeper show before and then we go into week ones news or have a lot of fun on the show on blog. Talk radio of course and You know really looking forward to that What we're going on with the guy. I mean right now. Of course my preseason draft. I've been doing now for twenty. Six years You know and it's like More than twenty articles in it. And i mean we just dropped like a fifty page article on offensive line. Now this Senior writer john. Cooney is really good in this area So people wanna know who's got the best blockers and stuff for for the for the runners and all we. We actually skip this about five years ago. And i got help for it cartel for it so i said oh always going to be the guy but we got perfect. Drass coming up You know we do the pr pr ten twelve fourteen. We might get the fourteen this year. it just depends on on how busy i am as well as john. Cooney and and the rest of the staff here. We're updating our rookie. Rankings here after the next preseason game. We'll see there You know. I mean i. It's a lot of good stuff. So we also have our executive draft master which is drafting software to help you draft And and that's that's at a bargain for fifteen bucks itself but if you buy in for the package is.

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