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Eighty 328 right now the when asked if he could have been a judge jury said well it's hard probably wouldn't have allowed him to be a dodger uh cap numbers came out the nfl the 49 ers even with jimmy garoppolo making 37 meal million dollars in the first year of his deal uh they rolled over fifty six million dollars last year that they did not spend in so they're gonna have about two according to over the cap dot com over seventy million dollars in space one of the guys they could be looking out wide receiver alan robinson from jacksonville who towards acl early in the year a he will not be franchised and um the reason why that significant is although he cost a lot of money he's that big receiver they're looking for about six three about to fifteen young guy he's only about 24 years old and even though a argument cry if he left jacksonville uh if you add alan robby and soon as your one garzon's your two marquees kuhn is a three trent taylor in the slot find yourself a running back looks like kills a pretty good tied in grab low quarterback offenses looking pretty good kittikorn kittikorn corn so if you been likes the calling kilcoyne like that make them when mind the emi drops a few balls here and there but uh a low cave your quarterback at three your offense starts and you know me i am now you're worried about the runningbacks receivers good that line taken care of deadline taking care of and he'll take curie that take care your offense getting some magam some time to throw he's gonna find guys i don't think anybody would call they're receiving corps murderers' row last year and they look pretty damn good when he took over yeah i mean gathered i mean taylor little i better kiddo look a lot better i mean they did stayed looked a lot better because a ham so just make she keep that dude up right keep the dude upright open some holes for some running backs occasionally but keep that dude upright keep up right he should be good to go yet i ate away came after.

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